Cleveland Browns HC Hue Jackson Undecided on Starting QB; Battle Between McCown and Griffin III

Cleveland Browns HC Hue Jackson Undecided

Cleveland Browns HC Hue Jackson Undecided

Robert Griffin III has something to prove and he knows it. He has been working hard during the offseason minicamps as he battles Josh McCown for the spot as starting QB for the Cleveland Browns.

Griffin seems a favorite among his new team and coaches. He is being called effective, accurate and dedicated by his teammates.

Griffin has been humbled by his experiences on and off the field with the Washington Redskins. Despite the injuries he has sustained during his football career, Griffin believes he has the same talent he had fresh out of college.

He was extremely productive during his rookie season as starting QB for the Redskins and racked up many accomplishments. He was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week twice. Until Marcus Mariota came along, he was the youngest player in NFL history to achieve a perfect passer rating in a game. Injuries and doubt clouded Griffin’s second season in the NFL.

Last season, he suffered a concussion during the Brown’s victorious preseason game against the Lions. He was replaced by Colt McCoy as starter and released by the Redskins in March. Still, Griffin is confident in his abilities to be the first string QB the Browns have been waiting oh, so patiently for.


A Long Time Coming

Cleveland Browns HC Hue Jackson UndecidedThe Browns have been searching for a franchise QB since 1999. This year, the two teammates are giving it their all to become the 25th starter quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. A young Griffin could be an obvious antidote to the curse. If he secures the starter title, he will be perfected by the hands of Hue Jackson.

Jackson has a reputation for maximizing the potential of young quarterbacks and wide receivers. He believes in each player earning and deserving their spot on the depth chart. At this time, he doesn’t feel comfortable labeling any of his quarterbacks as a starter.

Griffin is battling against weathered Josh McCown and rookie, Cody Kessler. Kessler has the perfect opportunity to advance his skills as a second string QB. McCown can ride third string until the impending end of his career.

Though Jackson claims he is unable to decide which boy is his starter, Kessler seems like a longshot as a starting QB. He isn’t exactly seeking council from the best of them. His mentor is David Carr and even though the Texans’ lack of an offensive line accounted for a majority of his poor performance, Carr is known as one of the biggest quarterback draft busts in NFL history.

Coach Jackson’s hesitation to name a starting QB could possibly be rooted in Griffin’s instability. During practices open to the media, his performance was 50/50.

The Browns need a QB that can consistently perform well so they can continue building a team of playoff contenders.

(Cleveland Browns HC Hue Jackson Undecided)