Chicago Bears Sign QB Brian Hoyer; Will Be Team’s Backup Quarterback

Chicago Bears Sign QB Brian Hoyer

Chicago Bears Sign QB Brian Hoyer

The Chicago Bears have announced they’ve reached a one-year deal with the veteran quarterback, Brian Hoyer, for $2 million. The Houston Texans released Hoyer on April 17th after failing to find a trade partner. Houston signed Brock Osweiler in the offseason to be the starter and by releasing Hoyer, they were able to save more than $5 million.

Houston probably could not wait to see Hoyer go, but the Bears picked up a quality backup. Hoyer is coming off of his best regular season campaign of his career, surprisingly. He threw for 19 touchdowns, a career best, and only seven interceptions.

Hoyer’s days in Houston were undoubtedly finished after his abysmal performance in the playoffs against the Kansas City Chiefs last season. He tossed four passes to the wrong team and lost one of his two fumbles. That game was over before it began. However, despite the blowout loss in the playoffs, Hoyer took major steps forward the past two years. He threw for over 3,000 yards in 2014 with the Cleveland Browns and as mentioned earlier, threw for 19 touchdowns last year.

Hoyer has played for four different teams during his seven seasons in the league. He does not look like the franchise answer for teams looking for that guy. However, he has a lot of experience and can be the difference between a lost season and keeping a team afloat, if their starting quarterback goes down. Since 2011, Cutler has missed 14 games due to injury. He comes to the Bears to be a serviceable backup at best.

There was some buzz about the Bears possibly selecting a quarterback in this years draft to sit and learn behind Jay Cutler, but that never happened. General Manger, Ryan Pace, had this to say of the signing:

“I like that Dowell has been with him, has a lot of comfort with him. I’ve watched him play over the years. A very intelligent player. I know he’s got a strong work ethic because we’ve got coaches that have been with him. I think he’s a really good piece to add to the mix.”

In seven seasons, Hoyer has appeared in 43 games, thrown for over 7,ooo yards to go with 38 touchdowns. He also has a career passing rating of 82.2.

(Chicago Bears Sign QB Brian Hoyer)