Cam Newton Retires Famous TD Celebration; Will Move On From the “Dab”

Cam Newton Retires Famous TD Celebration

Cam Newton Retires Famous TD Celebration

It was the celebration of the 2015 NFL season. The dab. It was made famous by reigning MVP Cam Newton, but he now has put that celebration in his rear view mirror. Newton went on The Mac Attack, a show on Charlotte’s The Fan 610 AM Thursday morning, and let everyone know he will be bringing some new spice to his touchdown celebrations in 2016-17.

People either hated the dab or loved it. However, similar to previous celebrations like the whip and nae nae, it is a trendy thing. Next year, we will see tons of new celebrations and surely one that gets more attention than others — like the dab did last season. Cam Newton, being as charismatic and outspoken as he is, will almost definitely be in the mix.

We all remember the mother who wrote Cam a letter after he dabbed all over Tennessee saying, “You have amazing talent and an incredible platform to be a role model for them. Unfortunately, what you modeled for them today was egotism, arrogance and poor sportsmanship.”


Newton defended his dancing and said ,”It takes him to a happy place. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You can’t fault her for that. It is what it is. If she feels offended, I’ll apologize to her, but at the end of the day, I am who I am.”

The dab took the league by storm last season and it will be fun to see what dance move or other wacky celebration takes the cake this season. Cam has until September to figure that out.

So, without further adu: RIP to the dab. It will be gone, but surely never forgotten.

(Cam Newton Retires Famous TD Celebration)