Calvin Johnson Happy and Enjoying His Retirement From the League

Calvin Johnson Happy

Calvin Johnson Happy

Detroit Lions’ WR Calvin Johnson has opened up about his decision to retire for the first time after announcing it earlier this year.

After just nine NFL seasons, Johnson retired back in March, but months later, went on to coach his Calvin Johnson Jr Foundation Catching Dreams Football Camp at L’Anse Creuse High School in Michigan.

On Saturday, after his camp concluded, Johnson took the time to give a statement.

“I know everybody wants to know why I retired, but it’s more so I put a lot into the game and it’s taken a lot out of me and that’s where I’m at right now,” He said. “I’m not getting into the specifics of the things that it has taken away, but it definitely feels good, I guess I could say for myself, to spend more time around my family, my son, just got married.”

“Things are going good right now,” he continued.

Johnson stated that his body started to fail him, after playing through several painful knee, ankle and finger surgeries throughout his career.


Former teammate Rob Sims spoke on Johnson playing despite being in pain.

“He really played through some stuff that a guy of his caliber doesn’t usually do,” He said. “And we used him. We used him. I remember picking him up a couple times and being like, ‘God, man, you should not be in this game right now.’ But we needed him.”

Calvin also stated that his decision had nothing to do with the team’s record, appearances or super bowls, just that the game was taking a toll on his physical health, but that he’s happy with all that he did accomplish.

“I wouldn’t just quit because we were losing,” he said. “Just my body, man, I was tired of it. I was fed up. Had enough.”

Calvin Johnson Happy

After the departure of Barry Sanders, Calvin became the face of the Lions’ franchise and gave them the image it so desperately needed.

Now at 30, close to the end of his prime, one couldn’t blame Johnson for walking. With his free time, he can now look forward to recovery and spending more time with loved ones.

The Lion’s All Pro and potential Hall of Famer caught 731 passes for 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns… And he’s proud of it.

Calvin put the possibility of returning to give the fans more touchdown catches to rest in his statement for the Detroit Free Press.

“No. I’m not coming back,” he said over laughs. “You aint gotta worry about that. My decision, I made my own decision. I’m good with it.”

(Calvin Johnson Happy)