Denver and Johnny Manziel Could be a Perfect Partnership

Johnny Manziel was released by the Cleveland Browns earlier this off-season and the market has been very slow for him. The only team that has been openly interested in him is the Denver Broncos. Gary Kubiak has met with Manziel to discuss his fit with the team, although no contract talks have developed at this point in time. With the Broncos talking to Johnny Manziel now, could it be possible we see him in a Denver jersey next season?

Broncos Talking to Johnny ManzielKubiak talked with Manziel, tracing to their friendship and the Broncos’ need for a quarterback. However, on the same day the Browns cut ties with Manziel, Denver acquired Mark Sanchez. It was the first step in the Broncos’ plan to address the position, way before news hit of the Broncos talking to Johnny Manziel.

Denver has explored a deal for San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick — the sides have been unable to agree on Kaepernick’s future contract and what the 49ers would absorb financially to move him — expressed interest in free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick and kicked the tires on Houston’s Brian Hoyer and Cleveland’s Josh McCown.

The Broncos reinforced their offensive and defensive lines through free agency, leaving them in a position to take a quarterback in the early rounds of the draft if they desire.

Kubiak and Johnny Manziel Have Simular Backgrounds

Broncos Talking to Johnny ManzielKubiak and Manziel, who are both former Texas A&M quarterbacks, spoke about Manziel being a potential fit for the Broncos down the line. Kubiak is an offensive genius, so I can see where a connection would be warrantied. Broncos’ head coach Gary Kubiak, also a Texas A&M alumnus, checked in with Manziel after he was released by the Browns.

Manziel has played in 15 games in two years, compiling a 2-6 record as a starter while throwing seven touchdown passes and seven interceptions. Johnny Manziel could flourish in a Kubiak system that will work with his strengths. The Broncos have a veteran-filled locker room and amazing leadership from the top, that can keep him in line.

Von Miller Approves of the Broncos Talking to Johnny Manziel

Super Bowl 50 MVP, Von Miller, would love to have troubled QB Johny Manziel join the Denver Broncos. Miller told reporters Friday that if he were running the Broncos, he would sign Manziel. Both Miller and Manziel played college football at Texas A&M.

Broncos Talking to Johnny Manziel“If I had to make my decision on it, he would already be on the Broncos,” Miller said Friday. “But we’ve got guys in the front office that make those decisions, and they put us in championships with those decisions.”

The Broncos are in the market for a quarterback after the retirement of Peyton Manning and the free-agent departure of Brock Osweiler, who joined the Houston Texans. Mark Sanchez, acquired in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, and Trevor Siemian are the only quarterbacks on Denver’s roster.

Even if the Broncos added Johnny Manziel, that only means the NFL’s number one defense will have to work that much harder in 2016.