Ben McAdoo has made a series of questionable moves, the most recent one of note, includes benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith.

Ben McAdoo left port riding high on a formidable NY Giants team like the Titanic. Much like the luxury oceanliner, he hit several icebergs: injuries, poor O-line, lack of a run game. Doomed to a high draft pick, McAdoo has decided to drill holes in the hull. News came yesterday that he’d bench 2-time Super Bowl Champ and Ironman, Eli Manning.

Fans are left scratching their heads.

McAdoo is a cornered mouse. Hasty decisions such as this have angered current players,  former greats and all of New York, which includes Phil Simms, Osi Umenyiora, Tom Coughlin and Brandon Marshall.

Iceburg #1: Age is a looming number.

At 36, it may be that time for Eli to give up the reins for a new QB, like Kurt Warner did before him. With phenoms like Tom Brady playing at 40, some wonder if Eli, who has suffered no major injuries that we know of, has four years left in him. What hurts is that Eli isn’t going out on top like brother Peyton, but on a whimper, like his father Archie Manning. 

Silver lining?

As every Giants fan seethes, they can take consolation that there is a bright side. The Giant’s young defense is great, if given a chance.  However, as their record indicates, they don’t seem to get a chance that often. The Giants are always been known for a great defense.

Iceburg #2: Offense who?

The offensive line is a afterthought, which it shouldn’t be, considering the hefty salaries of Eli Manning, Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall. Unfortunately, injuries have plagued the team. If they come back healthy, and  McAdoo rebuilds the O-line with his prime draft pick spots, maybe Eli will raise his third and final Lombardi Trophy. 

(And perhaps finding a new leader other than Ben McAdoo?)

Iceburg #3: The unknown future of Eli

Will Eli put New York behind him? It’s possible. The spots are out there.  It isn’t difficult to imagine Eli riding into Denver next year and revitalizing both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders who’ve suffered under a poor QB. Or rejoining Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville, dominating the AFC South and capturing a Super Bowl behind that killer defense. He could jump ship, and not lose a wink of sleep.    

What do you think is Eli’s future? What do you think of Ben McAdoo’s leadership? Tell us in the comments