Atlanta is about to change the game once again. Starting this upcoming NFL season the Atlanta Falcons are going to have the lowest priced concession stands across all professional and major sports franchises.

It’s going to be super beneficial to every consumer that comes to the games and will create a better experience for friends and families.

Concessions are one of the key drivers that bring fans to events. At least I know it is for me. When people come to professional games, typically that’s their meal for the time being, whether it be lunch or dinner.

Now we all know the cost of concessions is going to be over-the-top expensive and and most people usually prepare for that, but now a family a four can go to a game without breaking the bank. 

With lowering the price of concessions, the Falcons are giving their consumer opportunities to pay “normal” everyday prices for the typical food items such as beer, hot dogs, popcorn, and much more. At this rate you can eat cheaper at the Falcons Stadium then you can on date night out to the movies.

Additionally, to help manage and keep profit margins steady, they have increase the number and availability of concessions stands, approximately 65% more than there was previously in the Georgia Dome.

Of course the organization will have premium restaurant and bar options, however as far as the basics goes, the Falcons are about to be killin’ the game.


Outside of being the Super Bowl runner-ups, these food prices should definitely entice more people to come to games along with other events at the new stadium, knowing they can eat and drink at a reasonable price.

It won’t be long before other franchises try to mimic this model and be more consumer friendly.