Elliott’s Father Hopes Ezekiel Lands in Chicago

April's NFL Draft, Ezekiel ElliottIf Stacy Elliott, the father and No. 1 fan of Ohio State running back, Ezekiel Elliott, was in charge of drafting his son next month, there’s no doubt where he’d like to see him land.  Elliott is widely considered the number one running back in April’s NFL Draft.  He also isn’t expected to last very long as a dominant first round pick, with many projecting him in the top 10.

Stacy Elliott hopes his son falls a bit and has made no attempt to hide his hopes of where Zeke will play.  As residents of St. Louis, Mo., the Elliott’s feel their son would be best suited in Chicago, playing for the Bears.  The Bears currently have the 11th overall pick in April’s NFL Draft, and with the recent departure of Matt Forte to the NY Jets, there is now a void there that Dad thinks Zeke fits into nicely.  Should Zeke land in Chicago, he would have some big shoes to fill with the likes of Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, and Matt Forte all gracing the turf there before him.

Elliott Would Make a Perfect Match With the Bears in April’s NFL Draft

After amassing over 2,000 all-purpose yards in 2015 and putting up a mind-blowing 23 touchdowns, there’s no question Zeke can fit the bill.  Both his eagerness to hit the ground running (pun intended), his level of confidence, combined with his athleticism and football IQ, leave few that disagree with that notion.

Skill and potential aside, should Elliott be fortunate enough to land in Chicago, he would be reunited there with running backs coach Stan Drayton.  Drayton and Zeke have a special relationship as Drayton coached him at Ohio State back in 2013-14.  Stacy Elliott had this to say about the coach: “Drayton is a great teacher and expects nothing but greatness.”  The elder Elliott also seemed to be impressed with Drayton’s ability to stress the need to study the game beyond that of technique and position, and attributes Zeke’s success and the level to which his game has risen, to Drayton.

All those reasons aside, probably the most import reason Stacy Elliott would like to see his son end up with the Bears during April’s NFL Draft, and perhaps the most personal reason as well, would be Zeke’s proximity to mom and dad. St. Louis is just a hop, skip, and a jump to Chicago and would keep Zeke nice and close.  Perhaps when dad said it would be “a beautiful thing,” this is what he really meant?

There is no question Elliott is one of the most talented players atop the board in jApril’s NFL Draft, regardless of position.  That said, there is a good chance he will be off the board by the time the 11th pick rolls around and the Bears make their first-round selection.

No matter where Elliott lands next month, he is sure to bring excitement to the game that many are eager to see.