The Tennessee Titans are part of the youngest division, having been established in 2002 after the addition of the Houston Texans. Outside of the Peyton Manning led Colts and recent Texans teams, they’ve been lacking in division competition. Here’s my rundown of the teams and a 2017 prediction.

Indianapolis Colts

Colts lead with 16 Division Titles and the only Super Bowls for the Division. Apparent stud of the AFC South but has several stumbling blocks. First and foremost, QB Andrew Luck comes into 2017 recovering from shoulder surgery. Luck carries this team, which hasn’t made playoffs since 2014. Luck is hardy, which I prefer, and a dual-threat like Roethlisberger and Newton, but can’t produce with D-Linemen breathing down his neck. The hits keep coming, as Derek Carr has surpassed him for highest paid QB. If I were Andrew Luck, I’d hoard some of that lucky beard for myself.

Houston Texans

The Texans pulled out the AFC South Championship the last two years. Even with Brock Osweiler under center. He’s a Brown now and the battle between Tom Savage, Clemson stud Deshaun Watson and Brandon Weeden rages on. I’m rooting for Tom Savage, personally. He showed some high points while Osweiler was benched. And those sickness and mild injuries were suspicious, in my opinion. The Texans defense is monstrous. With J.J. Watt, a rejuvenated Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus (Such a badass football name), running on all gears they’ll rein as a upper tier defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars

With Tom Coughlin heading football operations, I’d hope for a quick and clean ousting of Blake Bortles for anything better. Can we bust Paul Crewe from jail?(Burt Reynolds, of course. Adam Sandler played Paul Crewe as well but I want Burt.) Their Wideout corps are a complete, but lack a better play caller. The young and vibrant Jacksonville D will shine this year.

Tennessee Titans

I’m rooting for the Tennessee Titans this year. Marcus Mariota at the helm and Demarco Murray and sophomore Travis Henry splitting the run workload and the addition of Eric Decker from Free Agency make for a stronger offense. Their defense might be a liability ranking 30th in pass defense.