The Miami Dolphins have decided to start the holiday season early, by giving their fans something to cheer about. They actually showed up to the field.

The Miami Dolphins actually beat the Denver Broncos, 35-9 at home in Hard Rock Stadium.

Defense: Story of the Game

This incredible team set franchise history by scoring two safeties in a single game. They also held the Broncos to 1/13 on third down conversions. The defense also held  Trevor Siemian to 219 yards and 20-49 and made him the vicitm of an interception 3 times. Trevor Siemian is the third quarterback that the Broncos have had in three weeks, and it’s not looking hopeful that he will survive until next week.

Shining Stars

There are quite a few stars looking like they are going to be Santa’s good list. Running back Kenyan Drake rushed for  a career high 120 yards with 23 carries, including leading the Dolphins to their second touchdown rush of the year.

Xavien Howard can expect some wonderful gifts form Santa this year. He had one of the interceptions that ended up being a 30-yard touchdown. Howard also set up the Dolphins up to score their final touchdown with the second interception.

Jay Cutler could have had  a better game, with 2 interceptions, but he’s certainly not making the naughty list. Cutler went 18/31 and had 235 yards and was finally able to get another W under his belt.

While leads are unfamiliar to the Fins, they certainly capitalized on every opportunity they had. They led at the half, and it turned out to be a great thing.

Now, fans can be realistic that Miami will not be going to the Superbowl, but they can at least stop hanging their head in shame every time they pledge their allegiance.