49ers Colin Kaepernick Still Has a Chance

The San Francisco 49ers expressed their willingness to keep embattled quarterback Colin Kaepernick if he rescinds his trade request.  The team even went as far as saying they would guarantee Kaepernick’s salary as well.  Unless another team comes along with a trade for the 49ers Colin Kaepernick, which at this juncture seems unlikely, the team seems ready to move along with Kaepernick as part of the team.

49ers Colin Kaepernick

Chip Kelly enters the 2016 NFL season as the third 49ers’ coach in the past three years.

The infusion of new head coach Chip Kelly, who is no stranger to controversy given his recent stint with the Philadelphia Eagles, now illustrates the 49ers readiness to move in a new direction.  Kelly has always had the propensity to prefer the athletic quarterback.  Kaepernick has gazelle-like sprinting ability and is extremely elusive, (just ask opposing defenses), and all with a rocket of an arm.  Kelly hoped Sam Bradford was the answer to that prayer last season in Philly, much to his, and everyone else’s dismay.

Kelly also expressed publicly that he would like to see what can develop with the 49ers Colin Kaepernick, who has had signs of greatness in the past, even leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013.  Kaepernick is a solid passer and moves well out of the pocket, all characteristics Chip Kelly likes when constructing his offense.

Will Kaepernick Choose To Stay?

Colin Kaepernick was a hot name out of the gate at the start of this current off-season.  Several teams tossed their hat in the ring as a possible contender for Kaepernick, none more-so than the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns. Both of those teams, however, have decided to go in another direction leaving possible suitors presently few and far between.

It had seemed at the end of the 2015 season that Kaepernick undoubtedly played his final snaps with the 49ers.  He was visibly upset on the sidelines, even whiny at times, and was seemingly disinterested in what was going on around him.

Teammates and fans alike all knew his time had come and gone.  Will he now be willing to stay for a guaranteed contract and a new head coach?  Signs are indicating that he very well may.  He will still have to battle with Blaine Gabbert in training camp this summer for the starting role, but we have seen Kaepernick lead a team to the ultimate game and that experience combined with his athleticism, should prevail.

So, time will tell what path Kaepernick decides to take.  This may be his last big shot to return to top form and gain back the confidence of his team and coaches.  Should he perpetuate the trade request and ultimately come up empty, he may find himself in a worse-off position than he may be able to currently secure.