After current players and media personalities alike have vocalized their disdain of the former Steeler, Deebo took to Instagram to explain himself to the masses. James Harrison has finally broken his silence.

James Harrison took a lot of flack from his peers after jumping ship and signing with Pittsburgh’s conference rivals: the infamous New England Patriots. Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey has been especially vocal about Harrison’s exit, and even went as far as saying that the once-revered defensive end ruined his legacy within the team.

Darren Woodson, player-turned-talking-head, echoed Pouncey’s claim, responding that such a loyal organization would never forgive such an act of treason. This sparked a retort from the five-time Pro-Bowler.

This will be my only comment.

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Silencing the Critics

Anyone who knows anything about James Harrison knows he’s a competitor at heart. So if he’s breathing, he wants to be on the field of battle. He’s not going to be content sitting on the sidelines, and Mike Tomlin’s cronies should know that better than anyone.

After all, this is the same guy who caught grief a few years back for tossing his kids’ participation trophies.

To him, it’s not enough to be there physically. He wants to be in the mix, making offensive lineman miserable and grinding quarterbacks into the dirt. Offering this man a meager 40 snaps in 14 games is a slap in the face.

When Adrian Peterson was demanding to be cut from New Orleans, no one batted an eye.  He wanted out for the same reason: not enough playing time. All Day went on to shore up Arizona’s ground game and have some fantastic games. AP knew he had more in the tank.

Don’t even get us started on the Garoppolo deal.

What makes this situation different?

Solely because Harrison signed with the Patriots, who actually have enough sense to listen to him and enough purse to pay him.

As far as his legacy in the hallowed halls of Heinz Field is concerned, it’s pretty safe. He’s the sack leader for one of the most storied organizations in the NFL. More than Greg Lloyd. More than Kevin Greene. His contribution to the Steelers and their successes rivals that of Joe Greene.

That’s right. James Harrison is almost as good as Mean Joe.

To omit Harrison from the ranks of Steelers royalty wouldn’t just be a personal insult, it would illustrate the organization’s inability to acknowledge true and obvious talent; which says a lot more about the Steelers than it does James Harrison.

There’s also been a lot said about the Pittsburgh’s playbook falling into enemy hands with Harrison’s departure. Really? 2002 Raiders anyone? In case it had been forgotten, they worked their tails off to get to the Super Bowl, only to find themselves pitted against their former head coach, Jon Gruden, who practically wrote Oakland’s playbook.

Sorry, Steelers, but you’ll garner no sympathy from loyal Harrison fans. You created the monster; refused to feed the monster; and now are crying foul because it’s time to face the music.

Where you went wrong, Pittsburgh, was treating James Harrison as a treasure and not a weapon. James Harrison isn’t an ornate, gold-laden scepter adorned with precious jewels. He’s a caveman’s club riddled with spikes whose sole purpose is beating your opponents into submission. He’s best utilized on the battlefield, not on the sidelines. And to think for a second that he would sign up to ride pine is foolishness at best.

Good luck against the Patriots, Pittsburgh. You’re gonna need it.