While the rest of the world has Netflix and has been binging on Stranger Things 2, I have been noticing that the shiny teams from last year have gone under in this upside down season. Forgive the pun, I couldn’t help myself.

Who exactly has gone the way of the dodo, dead and on their back? Who are the bright shining stars? Let’s see what the halfway point comes to in this upside down season.

NY Giants- Dodo

On paper the Giants were a complete team; OBJ and Brandon Marshall as wide receivers, and Super Bowl Champ Eli Manning calling plays. Then, by Week 3 OBJ and Marshall were down and poor Eli was being bullied behind a screen door of a front line while looking his age(38) under center. Giants are now 1-8 after a brutal loss to the 49ers are also dealing with anonymous comments for Head Coach McAdoo’s head. They have some soul-searching to do if they want to salvage the 2017 season and come out of this 8-8.        

Oakland Raiders-Dodo

Once again, a complete team and a crushing defense hampered by injury as David Carr goes down with a back injury. Carr has a solid line, but lightning has struck twice. Even with Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch, coming home to Oakland, they still have a mountain to climb in the shape of the Kansas City Chiefs. Can’t say they’re as unfortunate as the G-men, but they did limp out of the gates. Standing at 4-5, they have a better chance to salvage a wild card spot heading into this off season.  

Dallas Cowboys-Dodo

How about Dem ‘Boys! How about no. They are 5-4 with their star sophomore, Ezekiel Elliot finally serving his 6-game suspension for domestic violence. I’ve watched pro sports analysts dip and dodge the inner workings of injunctions, it’s finally coming to a close. A running game lacking ‘Zeke means Dak Prescott becomes more-or-less predictable with lackluster running backs carrying the load. Compared to their 2016 13-3 breakout, they’re far from claiming the NFC East crown.  

NY Jets- Stars

I admit writing a ‘Jets gonna tank’ article at the start of the season. Well, I’ve been proven slightly wrong. They boast a better win-loss than many other teams. If they were still going to claim a top QB from the draft, they’d have to trade up. Their offense lacks the weapons of 2016 but Robbie Anderson has stood out as a foundation to their offense. Still the question that remains is who is gonna claim their spot as QB. It’s not McCown. Todd Bowles is going to be a matryr as Jets ownership tries to make sense of their sudden success.  

Jacksonville Jaguars- Stars

Oh boy. Blake Bortles is riding an astounding defense to a big payday. They are tied for first in the AFC South with the Titans. I may have tagged them London’s favorite team as  every time they travel across the pond they excel. With their duo of star CBs, A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey, a crushing D-line and Tom Coughlin’s displine, they’ve come to be recognized as a threat come playoff time.     

Philadelphia Eagles- Stars

Rising from a hopeful 7-9(4th in the NFC East), with the addition of more passing threats, including Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery, they’re sitting pretty atop the NFC East with the Cowboys and Giants sprinting behind them to try to catch up. A few chunks ghave been taken out of them  week-to-week but they’re rolling on.     

Rising star mention: New Orleans Saints

That glass-cannon offense finally paying off, I see.

It’ll be fun to see where this upside down season lands, hopefully better than Barbara.

Poor Barb- her upside down season didn't even get off the ground.

Hopefully she does better than the NFL’s upside down season.