Ohio State Quarterback JT Barrett Prepares for a Pressured Season

Heisman Trophy favorite and Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett is active with the Buckeyes and ready to bring the team to victory. Barrett has performed well during his two seasons as the quarterback of Ohio State, until he broke his ankle in a rival game against Michigan State.

Ohio State Quarterback JT BarrettHowever, he is back and actively participating in spring training for the first time in his college football career. The media and fans were present for a live scrimmage during Student Appreciation Day. The crowd noted some concerns, but Barrett looks comfortable, both on the field and in the spotlight.

This isn’t the first time Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett has been projected into the light. Last Halloween, Barrett was stopped for drunk driving. He tried to avoid a DUI checkpoint, but was pulled over and arrested. He was recorded asking the officer if there is anything he can do because he is the quarterback of Ohio State. Subsequently, his license was suspended for 180 days. Urban Meyer suspended him for one game.

Meyer is confident in his starter QB. He is keen on changing some of Barrett’s fundamentals, but believes he is having a great spring.  Barrett won the starter position after Braxton Miller re-injured his shoulder in 2014. Barrett broke out, shattering Ohio State records and going 11-1. Joe Burrow had his chance to outperform Barrett last season. Burrow was benched after being inefficient on the field. He has secured the No. 2 QB position this season.

Barrett and Meyer may be incredibly confident about the upcoming Ohio State Quarterback JT Barrettseason, but there are some obvious hurdles this football team must clear.  The Buckeyes have lost 16 starters. The offensive line is inexperienced and needs more time connecting with their Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett. The buckeyes appear to be focused on pass plays which was an obvious weakness during the live scrimmage.

The team must also adjust to the change in pace on the field. Meyer wants the fast tempo to be consistent in every play of the upcoming season.  However, time is not on their side. There are only two more practices before the first game this Saturday. Whatever the outcome, Barrett is ready for the new season as the undisputed most important player on the Buckeyes roster.