Auburn fans are over the moon today thanks to their team’s upset of No. 1 ranked University of Georgia.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rankings change, but it’s not hard to believe that the University of Georgia will no longer be number one in the polls after a loss of 40-17

Quarter One

Georgia drew first blood at 11:21, with a successful touchdown and extra point scored on a third and 7 play with two 25-plus-yard completions, and Nick Chubb scoring from the Wildcat formation. Auburn answered with a 54-yard field goal by Daniel Carlson at 8:29. Auburn scores another 3 points before the quarter ends.

Quarter Two

Auburn started the quarter strong, with a decent drive that ended in a field goal. (9-7 in case you were trying to keep up) Darius Slayton found the end-zone with a 42-yard pass from Jarrett Stidham and the extra point was good (16-7)  Auburn would go on to shut the Dawgs out into the half.

Quarter Three

Auburn capitalized from a fumble by Mecole Hardman, normally a solid player for UGA, with a few plays brought the score up 23-7. University of Georgia fought back with a 38-yard conversion from a third down thanks to Javon Wims, with 5:38 to go, taking it to 23-10. The Tigers answered quickly, scoring a touchdown within a minute of the Dawgs score. The fourth quarter loomed large, with a huge deficit of 30-10 to overcome for the #1 ranked Bulldogs.

Quarter Four

Auburn burns 5 minutes and only had three points to show for it. Time slowly ticks away at UGA’s chance at redemption. The nail in the coffin for University of Georgia was at 6:13 when Kerryon Johnson took it home with a 55-yard touchdown. The Dawgs tried to keep their heads high, scoring once more before the game was over. Final score 40-17.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the bowl placements. Some sweet tidings may be possible, or the iron-fisted may win out. Maybe they will be seeing the ‘Canes.