This week’s  saw the majority of conferences host their tournaments this week. There were some highs. There were some lows. More so than anything, this week’s games helped solidify who was in

NCAA power rankings

NCAA power rankings

The Big Dance, and who sitting was watching March Madness while riding the couch cushions. There were a lot of movers and shakers in this weeks’ NCAA Power Rankings, but the teams to beat pretty well stayed the same.

NCAA Power Rankings

1.) Virginia Cavaliers          No Change (31-2)

The Wahoos managed to waylay a ranked Clemson squad and wrestle the ACC title away from North Carolina in one fell swoop. Virginia now sits atop the prestigious brackets as the overall number one seed.


2.) Villanova Wildcats          No Change ( 30-4)

The Wildcats outlasted their Big East counterparts to earn a tournament title, which included a formidable Xavier team. Their reward? A one seed  in the NCAA Tournament, and a shot to win their second championship in three years.

3.) Kansas Jayhawks          No Change (27-7)

Kansas outdueled an impressive West Virginia team to secure a Big 12 title. Couple that with a well-deserved regular season title, and the Jayhawks have proven themselves worthy of a number one seed in The Big Dance.


4.) Xavier Musketeers          No Change (27-4)

Xavier coughed up a 17 point lead to allow Providence to face off against Villanova for a Big East title. The Musketeers’ saving grace may be how dominant they were in the regular season, and could very well still allow them a shot at a tournament one seed.


5.) Duke Blue Devils          No Change (25-6)

Duke made an early exit out of the ACC tournament, thanks to the likes of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Time to panic? Hardly. The Blue Devils still have enough regular season credit to contend for a two spot in the NCAA brackets.


6.) North Carolina Tar Heels          No Change (22-9)
The Tar Heels exacted revenge against the Miami Hurricanes and devastated their Duke nemeses in their ACC Tournament run. Despite succumbing to Virginia in the title game, North Carolina bolstered enough success to land a two seed in the Big Dance.

7.) Michigan State Spartans           (No Change) (29-4)

Michigan State had a Big Ten tournament to forget, suffering defeat at the hands of their rivals, the Michigan Wolverines. Despite that struggle, the Spartans have had an otherwise impressive season, but now will have to settle for the consolation prize of a number three seed.

8.) Purdue Boilermakers          (No Change) (28-6)
Purdue went the distance in the Big Ten tournament, but didn’t have enough in the tank to thwart Michigan’s title run. No matter. The Boilermakers now set their sights on an even bigger prize: a number two seed tournament  position, and an NCAA title.

9.) Michigan Wolverines           (No Change) (28-7)
Michigan proved they’re legitimate title contenders by knocking off higher-ranked opponents Michigan State and Purdue on their way to claiming the Big Ten crown. Was it enough to earn the Wolverines a two seed in the Big Dance? Doubtful, but one thing’s for sure: anyone on the opposite side of the ball has their work cut out for them.

10.) Cincinnati Bearcats          (No Change) (27-4)
The Bearcats dominated their opposition during the regular season, but had an all-out dogfight on their hands trying to subdue the ranked Houston Cougars in the American Conference finals. They’re gonna need all that tenacity and more if they intend to make a NCAA championship run, two seed or otherwise.

That was the NCAA Power Rankings for this week. Disagree? Tell us your opinions in the comments below.