For Loyola Chicago the glass slipper is still shiny with just two games between them and a National title.

Their games have been nothing short of exciting as they won their first three games in the tournament by a combined Loyola Chicago’s next opponent is Michigan who have been hot all season. They have proven they can win offense shootouts scoring 99 on Texas A&M, but also have proved that they can win defensive games beating Florida State 58-54. While this game may not be as highly anticipated as the Kansas vs Villanova power house matchup, it will exceed your expectations.

As far as betting on the game goes Michigan opened up as 5.5 favorite with an O/U of 128.5. The teams respectable average 72 and 74 points with the advantage going to Michigan so the over seems to be the better play. While Michigan has the small advantage in average points Loyola Chicago is better than them in field goal, three point, and free throw percentage. In fact, they rank 3rd in the country in field goal percentage compared to Michigan’s 44th , and 16th in three point percentage to Michigan’s 77th.

Betting on Loyola Chicago to win is a very bold pick, but at this point why not? There have only been three 11 seeds to make the final four. They all ended up losing, but if there is a year and a team to pull off this kind of history, it’s this year and it’s Loyola Chicago. Their team is strong enough and they have incredible players, but most of all they have heart. Heart can get you further against teams that have the numbers in their columns and may be resting on their laurels.

People will tell you this week that they can’t possibly win and that their run is up, but the numbers and rankings give them a great shot to win.

Cinderella will make it back before the clock strikes 12 this weekend, you heard it here first.

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