One of the most infamous games of college football, College Football Playoff National Championship, will take place this Monday in Atlanta.

The College Football Playoff National Championship being held in Atlanta, great! Catching the game in or near there is a terrible mistake.

Stars in their eyes

College football is the talk of A-town and the conversation won’t be changing any time soon. The build up to this playoff game is worthy of a Lifetime movie. The city of Atlanta was excited just to be in the playoffs.

A judge even granted an emergency motion so a plaintiff could use the tickets he got to the Rose Bowl.

Rose Bowl

The Georgia Bulldogs got the message and gave fans a double overtime victory that had millions screaming all over the country.

Now, UGA has the chance to do something they haven’t done since 1980, win a National Football Championship when they went 12-0 out of nowhere to become the only undefeated, untied Division I-A team in the nation.

Hype for days

Atlanta is hosting the College Football Playoff National Championship at the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, having demolished the Georgia Dome recently. They are also hosting a three-day free concert series a brief walk away at Centennial Olympic Park.

The series features mega stars, with Kendrick Lamar as its finale. He will be streaming (and maybe traveling to) the games half-time show. The city is expecting over 100,000 visitors and a revenue burst of over 80 million dollars.

Tickets to the game are being sold at astronomical prices. The cheapest price last Monday was $2,480. By Thursday, the cheapest was $1,100. People are cashing out big bucks to be a part of history.

Presidential (dis)honors?

Monday’s game has gotten so much attention, #45 is attending and is dumping his dangerous cloud over the city to be a part of what he could surely make a spectacle of. His presence makes Atlanta more dangerous and more difficult to navigate through. It’s corny and bizarre that he would choose to attend a game in a “crime infested” city that’s “falling apart.”  His presence also has fans thinking twice about braving the weather.

Not all it’s cracked up to be?

This game might not even be that great. The last time Georgia played Alabama, they got squashed 10-38. It’s a fixed rivalry that is so hyped, it has finally become a real one. Kirby Smart is probably losing his mind. It’s his first national championship appearance and he carries the whole program on his shoulders.

All eyes are on Georgia, but Alabama has a strong defensive line that could crush their dreams. It all might fall apart.