Will Kevin Durant Leave Oklahoma City? He Probably Shouldn’t…

Will Kevin Durant Leave Oklahoma City

Will Kevin Durant Leave Oklahoma City?

Last night was a bad night for Lakers, Celtics, and any other Kevin Durant suitors. With a Game 6 victory in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, the Thunder will now face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

With the way the Thunder have been playing lately, it will be hard for Kevin Durant to walk away this off-season. For two years now, teams have been positioning themselves to bid on Kevin Durant this July. Every team in the NBA would love to have the lethal sharpshooter.

After losing Game 1 by 32 in an embarrassing performance, OKC’s defense has improved dramatically. Not to mention when “good Westbrook” shows up, this team is difficult to beat. OKC closed out the series on Thursday night at home.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

If Kevin Durant decides to walk away in the off-season, he will not find another playmaker like Russell Westbrook. When Westbrook is at his best, the Thunder are a serious title contender. The Thunder are still very, very good and only getting better and they’re also very young. Dion Waiters is 24 years old, Enes Kanter is 23, Steven Adams is 22 and Cameron Payne is 21. Durant and Russell Westbrook are both 27.

Westbrook is the most dynamic point guard in the league. He isn’t afraid to go to the basket or pass up the ball to an open shooter. Kevin Durant needs Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook needs Kevin Durant. These two All-Stars and MVP candidates have been consistently backing each other since day one of their NBA careers and it would be unfortunate if they would have to split up.

Basketball is a team sport. Building organic chemistry is hard to do. The Thunder’s management has done an outstanding job building the right pieces around their two superstars. If Durant is looking elsewhere to find an opportunity to get to the Finals and win it all, there’s no better place than Oklahoma City.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener 

If Kevin Durant decided to leave, he will be taking a major step back in the pursuit to a championship. The Los Angeles Lakers have been a highly sought after landing spot for key free agents in the past and could be once again this off-season.

Will Kevin Durant Leave Oklahoma CityThe problem with the Lakers is who would be the other superstar that can run with Kevin Durrant? The Lakers are a few years away before we can add them to the NBA playoffs conversation, let alone championship aspirations.

Returning home has been rumored as an option for Durant over the past couple of years. The problem with Washington is how committed and reliable Bradley Beal and John Wall are? Sure, the addition of Durant would move the Wizards up to the elite level of the Eastern Confrence, but it probably wouldn’t be enough to take out the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Durant moving to the hometown Wizards will only make them the new version of the Atlanta Hawks.

(Will Kevin Durant Leave Oklahoma City?)