Warriors vs Showtime Lakers: Magic Johnson Has Faith in His Former Lakers’ Squad

Warriors vs Showtime Lakers

Warriors vs Showtime Lakers

We all remember a time when a professional athlete has said something a little questionable about their teammates, former players, or Hall-of-Famers. While it is not out of the normal, it is starting to become a trend among the younger athletes in the NBA.

As the Golden State Warriors approach Game 4 on Friday, Klay Thompson found himself in a bit of an NBA “pickle” on Sunday after their outstanding win against the Cavaliers in Game 2. Surprisingly, it wasn’t with any Cleveland players, but instead he managed to pick a fight with the “Showtime Lakers” from the 1980’s.

When Warriors’ forward, Draymond Green, was asked if the Warriors could be compared to a team from a previous era, Klay Thompson jumped in and said “we are better than the ‘Showtime’ Lakers!” Reporters were astonished at Thompson’s response because his own father was a part of the team during that time.

Mychal Thompson won 2 of the championship titles with the Lakers and when asked what he thought about his son’s statement (on ESPN LA 710), he said this:

“I admit this. We would shoot. And we shot eight 3’s a game. They make eight 3’s a quarter.”

He went on to finish his statement by continuing to agree with his son, but did all of the ‘Showtime’ players feel the same?


Magic Johnson Responds

While not many have made a statement, one did. Tuesday morning on First Take, Magic Johnson spoke out about the Thompson’s opinions. He gave props to both Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, but as he went on he reminded us why the ‘Showtime’ Lakers were great.

“I’m going to be wearing them out. James Worthy will be wearing them out, wearing them down. Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) is going to be wearing them out” as he went on to say that it would not be an easy fight.

Warriors vs Showtime LakersFurther into the conversation, Johnson gives a huge compliment to his former teammate, “Klay’s dad, Mychal Thompson, is one of the smartest players I’ve ever played with in all of basketball.” Magic Johnson wasn’t there to humiliate or bash anyone’s opinion and that’s what we should hope for from a legend.

Byron Scott, a former Laker, agreed with Johnson’s statement. He made it clear that Golden State has true talent and amazing chemistry, but he doesn’t back down when he says, “We could play the ’80’s rules, or we could play the rules of 2015-16 as well (and win).”

It’s clear to see that every generation is going to produce at least one arrogant basketball player, but their arrogance doesn’t always mean they’re wrong. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if today’s Warriors could beat the ‘Showtime’ Lakers, but in 30 years we might have another outspoken young talent who believes his team would beat the 2015-16 Warriors.

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