Warriors Still Can’t Lose at Home, Win 41st Straight

It was an extremely tough and tight battle between two title-contenders on Saturday night. Coming into the game, the Golden State Warriors had won 40 straight games in Oracle Arena, where they call home. On the other hand, the Oklahoma City Thunder came into the game ready to snap that streak. Luckily, Stephen Curry continued to bring his A-game, giving the Thunder a run for their money.

Thunder vs. Warriors

Stephen Curry finished with 26 points, while Russell Westbrook rallied for 27 points.

Right out of the gate, both teams wanted to prove their worth to each other. The first quarter was all about offense. The end of the quarter showed a 36-31 lead in favor of the Warriors. That quarter was followed by another offensive shootout between both teams. However, the Warriors were still the hotter team, outscoring the Thunder 37-28 in the second quarter. The Warriors were leading 73-59 heading into the second half.

The second half was a completely different story, for both teams. Whether it was the defense finally showing up or due to players getting tired, the offensive dominance we saw in the first half was now gone. After scoring more than 35 points in each of the first two quarters, the Warriors were held to just 18 in the third quarter. That led to the Thunder finding some wiggle room to knock the lead down a little bit. They outscored Golden State by 6 points in the third, slicing the lead down to just 8 points heading into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter was a back-and-forth battle. The Warriors seemed to have an answer for anything the Thunder did offensively. They ultimately ended up scoring the same amount of points in the fourth quarter, 25, bringing the final score to 116-108. The victory for the Golden State Warriors marked their 41st straight win at home, while also tying the record for the best record through 50 games. Two milestones that the team, fans and city should be proud of.

Top Performers

Let’s take a look at some of the top performers that we got a chance to see in this game. For the Thunder, small forward Kevin Durant led the way with a massive 40-point game, while also adding 14 rebounds, 5 assists, two blocks and one steal. Russell Westbrook chipped in with 27 points and 12 assists. OKC’s bench was led by Enes Kanter, who scored 14 of their 17 bench points, while also grabbing an incredible 15 rebounds.

Kevin Durant Dunk

Kevin Durant hammers it home in loss against the Warriors

The winning side was led by Stephen Curry, who scored 26 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and dished 10 assists. Besides him, four other Warriors’ players scored more than 10 points: Harrison Barnes (19 points), Klay Thompson (18 points), Marreese Speights (15 points) and Shaun Livingston (10 points). Draymond Green led the team in rebounds, with 15 and also did a good job of moving the ball, dishing 6 assists, as well.

What They Had To Say

There’s no doubt that this was a game you didn’t want to miss. Stephen Curry chimed in on just how intense it was out there:

“This was very playoff-like for sure. The atmosphere, just the intensity, the adrenaline down the stretch. That’s what you expect for sure. It was good to get that feeling and execute,” said Curry.

Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr also had some words to say about the pressure they felt throughout the game:

“I thought it was great for our team to go through a game like that. It’s been a while since we had to get stops and be solid down the stretch offensively. On a night when it wasn’t quite his night, I thought Steph was just brilliant the last couple of minutes,” said Kerr.

Kevin Durant wanted to let everyone know that even though they find themselves in third place in the Western Conference, they’re not done yet. “Man, we’re not scared of either one of these teams,” said Durant. He continued, “We’re going to play our game. Nobody in this locker room is scared. We have to play them. If we want to get to where we want to get to, we have to play them. We’re not ducking anybody.”

Those are some tough fighting words to the rest of the league. The Thunder will look to rebound from this tight game against the Phoenix Suns on Monday. The Warriors will look to extend their home-winning streak to 42 on Tuesday, when they host James Harden and the Houston Rockets.