Kevin Durant poured on 33 points, Stephen Curry added 32, and Klay Thompson was good for 22 as the Splash Brothers 2.0 welcomed back coach Steve Kerr by outpowering the Cleveland Cavaliers 132-113.

  LeBron James and crew looked quite remarkable from an offensive standpoint on Sunday night, but looked weak on defense against a team that shot 51.7% from the field. The three game may have been the pound of nails in the coffin, with the difference being Golden State’s 49.1% to the Cav’s paltry 27.6%.

Four of the Warriors’ starters accounted for at least three field goals from the arc apiece, which proved to spread Cleveland’s perimeter thin.

Both Teams Celebrated Having Triple Double Players Sunday Night

King James amassed 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 14 assists, tying the great Magic Johnson for the most triple doubles in NBA Finals history. Each legend has eight to their credit.


Stephen Curry managed to acquire only his first triple double in a Finals appearance with 32 points,10 rebounds, and 11 assists. Curry also proved to be flawless at the charity stripe, taking advantage of all 14 attempts.

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One analyst referred to Durant and Curry as “one of the best duos to ever play in the NBA together.” When asked to comment post game, both humbly shied away from the endorsement.

“We’re just trying to play good basketball every possession. We can’t worry about that type of stuff. We appreciate the compliment, but we’re just trying to play good basketball every time down the floor, and whatever happens, happens.” -Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
Source: Twitter

When LeBron James was asked post game about the differences that exists between this team and the Golden State team of a year ago, he simply stated, “They’re a different team,” possibly alluding to the fact that the Warriors now have Kevin Durant, who at times seemed to score at will, among their ranks.

“They’re a different team”. – LeBron James

Steve Kerr Back on the Bench

Perhaps the biggest story of the night was Golden State’s coach Steve Kerr’s return to his court side post after a six week absence due to a spinal cord leak procedure that he underwent in early May. When asked what impact Kerr’s return had, Curry seemed almost ecstatic.

“It’s huge…to have him back on the bench means a lot. We love his presence. We love his voice, and we’re a full group when he’s out here.” – Curry on Steve Kerr’s return

The teams will square off once again on Wednesday night in Game 3, a night that will provide Cleveland with a much-needed venue change. After all, if the Cavs plan to stay in this series, they’re going to need a lot more than the sheer willpower of LeBron James to keep them alive.