Warriors, come out to play-ay…..

The Warriors of Golden State will gladly come out and play and will graciously run any opponent out the gym.

At least that’s pretty much how it’s been the last two years or so. But now, athletes and team execs are fed up with falling short. To them, it’s time to level the playing field and go to “War” with the Warriors.


Since the NBA draft and free agency began, every player drafted, signed, or traded, have essentially been in efforts to dethrone the Golden State Warriors (or at least try to).

Minnesota, Houston, and Boston are just a few cities whose NBA team will have a revamped arsenal to take on the NBA defending champs.

Lebron when you guys can get a GM and some order in Cleveland, we can put the spotlight back on you.

Don't worry bud, we'll get back to you soon enough (Source: Twitter)

Don’t worry bud, we’ll get back to you soon enough
(Source: Twitter)

Timberwolves Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Tom Thibodeau wasted no time gearing up for this upcoming season. Since trading for Jimmy Butler on draft night, the Wolves have immediately become a playoff contender.

With the addition of Jamal Crawford and former teammate Taj Gibson, the wolves now have veteran leadership coupled with a very talented young core. It only took one losing season for Coach Thibs to make some changes that easily makes them a top 4 seed next year and ending their 14-year playoff drought.

Jimmy Butler and Coach Thibs (Source: Twitter)

Jimmy Butler and Coach Thibs (Source: Twitter)

Houston literally did the unthinkable and traded Lou Williams and Patrick Beverly for veteran superstar Chris Paul. Now if you weren’t under a rock or keeping up with the Kardashians, you would understand the confusion and optimism by this trade.

Harden transitioned to point guard for the first-time last season and ended up averaging almost a triple double while leading the league in assists AND finished second in NBA MVP voting. Why do they need a point guard? Does Dantoni know Chris Paul actually plays defense?


But Chris Paul is still Chris Paul. An all-seeing point God and stern floor general, the addition of CP3 will allow Harden to focus on scoring and hopefully playing some defense. We know scoring is first on his to do list.

The Boston Celtics finished first in the Eastern Conference last year but ended up looking like an eighth-place team when they met LeBron and company in the Eastern Conference Finals.

With Danny Ainge at the helm, the boys in green traded away their number one overall pick but ended up getting two weapons in Gordon Hayward and rookie Jayson Tatum. Despite losing a key defender in Avery Bradley, the Celtics still have the talent to make a championship run and make a potential Conference Finals rematch against the Cavaliers something to watch.


Teams took heed to Damian Lillards press conference last year when he got swept for the second time in a row by the Warriors. “We have to go get better and come back better as a group if we want to move past them” Lillard stated.

The Warriors look almost indestructible every time they step on the court. But there are 29 other teams gearing up to change this. Instead of the league becoming the “Warrior Basketball Association,” teams are forming to make the league more compelling.

This is great for the NBA and it’s teams because of the potential TV ratings alone. The Warriors will be prepared for the challenge; and the opportunity to graciously run teams out the gym.