Thon Maker: I’ll Be Declaring for the 2016 NBA Draft

Thon Maker Sudanese-Australian-born basketball player Thon Maker, who currently attends high school at Orangeville District Secondary School and plays for Canada’s Athlete Institute, recently declared his interest for the 2016 NBA draft. Maker is currently ranked 17th in the class of 2016, only becoming famous with a mix-tape showing off his unique athleticism, ball-handling and shooting touch for a man his size.

Thon, who is a 7-foot-1 PF/C prospect, during his announcement stated:

“I’ve always been in motion. Every move I make is to get better. Opportunity has led me around the world, from South Sudan to Australia, where basketball stole me from my first love. A 13-year-old kid they called ‘long body’, I found my calling. Here I am. Still on the move. In pursuit of greatness. I’ll be declaring for the 2016 NBA Draft.”

Does Maker Qualify for the NBA Draft?

Current NBA Draft rules states that a player is only eligible to be drafted if he is 19-years-old and one year removed from high school. With Maker recently turning 19 in February and having reportedly graduated in June of 2015, his camp believes that there shouldn’t be an issue.

Maker’s guardian Edward Smith believes that Thon has fulfilled the academic requirements to be eligible for the 2016 Draft and believes he has a good case.

Maker has been named on the roster for the 2016 Hoops Summit, which will be played on Saturday in Portland. However, he will be skipping that game to concentrate on individual draft workouts as he awaits the NBA’s decision on his draft eligibility.

Will Maker join the likes of  Andrew Bynum, Monta Ellis and Amir Johnson, who were the last batch of high school-to-NBA prospects?