Over the course of time, we’ve known Steph Curry as the “Baby-Faced Assassin” as he slices and dices through the court night in and night out.

But that has also plagued Steph’s public persona over the course of his career and the levels of respect some people have for him. It’s not that people don’t take him serious or respect his basketball skills, it’s just hard to judge his character as basketball player with a killer-mindset when that person doesn’t have any facial hair.

For the  longest time we just assumed Curry couldn’t grow any facial hair or just thoroughly enjoyed having a fresh and clean shaved face. Now that Steph has grown the beard; he has new a pep in his step.

Steph Curry Ain’t No Little Kid

He’s letting people know that he’s grown up and that there’s a new Sheriff in town. Before the beard, he was very subtle in his interactions with people, never the one to get into petty on-court trash talk, or even be one to say more than two words to the refs if he didn’t agree with a call.

Curry with the beard, seams more fierce, cockier, and confident on the court. With the new beard, Steph is letting you know he isn’t taking shit from no one anymore.

                                                                             (See Also: LeBron is Human After All)

Curry may not be putting anybody on a poster anytime soon, but now that Steph has a beard, every time he hits a ridiculous shot or nasty crossover at least it won’t look like some old men getting beat by a 12-year old at the local YMCA.