Spurs vs Warriors Preview: 72 or 66?

136 games. That’s how many games the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors have combined to win this season. That number is good enough for the highest total between two teams in an NBA regular season match-up. Not much is left on the line concerning this season. The Warriors have home-court throughout the playoffs wrapped up, while the Spurs are locked in as the #2 seed. As we get started on the Spurs vs Warriors preview, you’ll notice these teams are playing against history tonight more than they are playing against each other.

The Warriors’ Chase for 73 Wins Continues

Spurs vs Warriors PreviewThe Warriors’ chase for 73 wins to surpass the record of the ’95-96 Bulls has provided a welcomed jolt of significance to the unreasonably long marathon we call an NBA season. The Warriors might not be the greatest team ever, due to some legendary teams of the past resting players or taking nights off. This resulted in lesser win totals, but this team deserves credit for not doing so. Their ambition is admirable in addition to being fun to watch.

The Warriors are also one win shy from Spurs vs Warriors Previewbreaking the record for road wins, 34, also set by the ’95-96 Bulls. Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr was a player on that team and hopes his former teammates won’t have any hard feelings about him coaching them out of the record books.

A win for the Warriors would also mean they become the first team in NBA history to finish a regular season without losing back to back games. With only two games left, a win tonight would add that notch to their belt.

The Spurs’ Undefeated Season at Home

The Warriors’ journey into the record books won’t be easy as the Spurs are chasing records as well. No team in NBA history has finished a regular season undefeated at home, a feat the Spurs aim to accomplish. The ’85-86 Boston Celtics came closest, finishing 40-1.

There are two ways two look at these great teams occurring simultaneously. One view is that it’s a shame that both happened in 2016 as both are deserving of their own championship season. The other is that we are fortunate to have two titans of historic stature facing off tonight, and hopefully in the playoffs.