Russell Westbrook Leading Thunder to a 3-2 Series Lead Over the Warriors

Russell Westbrook Leading Thunder

Russell Westbrook Leading Thunder

The NBA Western Conference Finals aren’t going according to most experts’ plans. That’s mainly due to Russell Westbrook, who has officially put the league on notice. 

Before the Western Conference Finals began, many people felt Russell Westbrook was among the best point guards in the league. After this series, many will say he is the best point guard in the league, especially with the way he plays with so much aggression and confidence.

He isn’t the best shooter or best passer, but he plays with the most heart.

This year, Russell Westbrook had perhaps the best all-around season of his career. He averaged 23.5 points, 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds, while racking up a 27.64 player efficiency rating and finished fourth in the league’s MVP voting.

Russell Westbrook vs. Everybody 

Russell Westbrook is the most volatile, truly great player the NBA has ever seen. A man who can swing wildly between being the most dominant and most detrimental figure in any game he’s playing in. James aside, Westbrook is the most physically talented player in the NBA, a guard with the vertical explosiveness of Jordan and Kobe and the speed and quickness of Iverson or Chris Paul, while physically stronger than any of them.

Oddly, Westbrook didn’t receive a single MVP vote. Russell Westbrook, on any given possession, can make an entire team look foolish. His ball handling and willingness to do anything to get to the basket is unmatched by anyone — except maybe Lebron James.

Westbrook’s Value to OKC

Russell Westbrook’s dominance over the last two seasons seems to go unnoticed. When Kevin Durrant was lost for 55 games last season, Westbrook carried the load and almost won league MVP. This year’s NBA Playoffs, Westbrook’s average of 25 points, 10 assists, nearly seven rebounds and two steals per game is MVP worthy. Those

Russell Westbrook Leading Thunder

SF Kevin Durant

points are better than Steph Curry, more assist than Lebron James and more rebounds than Draymond Green.

The Oklahoma City Thunder wouldn’t be a game away from the NBA Finals without Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durrant gets all the glory, but Russell Westbrook is the workhorse. Durant is everything Westbrook isn’t. He’s tall and long, all grace and finesse. Westbrook, on the other hand, plays with no grace — just ruthlessness.

The health of Durant and Westbrook’s relationship has been the subject of near-constant speculation over the years. Many have forgotten when healthy, the combination of Kevin Durrant and Russell Westbrook are the best one-two punch in the league.

Kevin Durrant will be a free agent this summer and should stay in Oklahoma City because going anywhere else would mean playing without Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the modern day John Stockton and Karl Malone. Those guys should never play the game without each other.

You want two stars that drive each other, and the Thunder have that.

Russell Westbrook Is Out-Playing The MVP

Steph Curry can’t guard Russell Westbrook. Steph Curry is too small and timid to keep up with the rough and rugged Russell Westbrook. It’s not a knock on the league’s MVP, it’s a fact. The Warriors are a great team, but Westbrook doesn’t care if the Warriors are the defending champs. He is playing like someone on a quest to be a world champion this season.

Westbrook’s athleticism is clearly standing out in these NBA Playoffs. Steph Curry shouldn’t feel all that bad, Russell Westbrook has also outplayed Tony Parker and every other point guard threw in his way during the playoffs. Kobe Bryant played the game with a chip on his shoulder during every possession and that’s what we are seeing out of Russ.

While the Golden State Warriors may have the regular-season MVP in Stephen Curry, Oklahoma City currently finds itself with a leg up thanks to something that’s even more vital this time of year: the postseason’s most valuable player.

(Russell Westbrook Leading Thunder) (Russell Westbrook Leading Thunder)