Is the Pacers SF Paul George as Clutch as Kobe Bryant?

With Kobe Bryant now retired from the NBA, is Pacers SF Paul George the guy you want to have the ball in the final Pacers SF Paul Georgeminutes?

When the game is on the line some guys want to shoot.. Other guys want to pass.. Kobe, Michael, and Larry didn’t shoot or pass, they scored.

Yes, we all know Kobe Bryant dropped 60 in his final game. However, what we will really miss is the last two minutes that he gave us one last time. Kobe went 4-4 from the field and went 4-4 from the free throw line in the last two and a half minutes of the game. That’s 12 points in the final 150 seconds to WIN the game.

Who is the NBA’s New Clutch Closer?

Who will now take over and become the closer of the NBA. LeBron has shown time and time again that he does the right thing. He finds the open teammate or creates a shot if he has a mismatch. Kevin Durant fires away without regard who is on his team or who is guarding him. Steph Curry tends to take the shot as well, but usually they have a huge lead. Neither of the two, nor the rest of the NBA, gets that look in his eyes to close the game out. To be a closer you have to make the last shot and win the game.

Pacers SF Paul GeorgeSome teams don’t have a closer and still succeed. The Spurs are a perfect example, they do the right thing every time and every game and it usually works. However, is that what we want to see?

No, we want a hero and we want a new hero. We have seen the older players close games, but who is now the young, confident player looking to end games and even series?

The answer is Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. Just two years ago he was battling Lebron James almost single handedly. Recently, he just went into the #2 seed of the East and scored 33 and finished the game. He is the Pacers leader and at 26 years old he is going to continue to grow as a closer.

Do I think they will win the NBA Championship? No, because he needs more help, but he is the best closer in the NBA when it comes to scoring and winning in the final minutes of a game. Watch for the Pacers to beat the Raptors and compete with the best in the East.