NBA Power Rankings-Week 23

With the regular season drawing to a close, teams have found themselves in an ordeal where every game counts. Whether they’re contending for a division; fighting to stay in the playoff race; or trying desperately to avoid being the lowest squad on the totem pole; this is the time for teams to shine… or to fade and our NBA power rankings reflect that. 

1.) Houston Rockets          No Change (56-14, 85.0 SNG points)

James Harden’s 31 ppg has paved the way for Houston to win 22 of its last 23.

2.) Toronto Raptors         No Change (52-18, 82.1 SNG points)

Before dropping Sunday’s game against the Thunder, DeMar DeRozan and friends were on an 11 game streak and have an 18-2 record over the last 20 games.

3.) Portland Trail Blazers         No Change (44-26, 81.4 SNG points)

Portland is on a 13 game tear right now, making them the hottest team in the NBA. McCollum and Lillard are going to have their hands full in their next bout, however, as they play host to the Rockets.

4.)Utah Jazz          No Change (40-30, 73.5 SNG points)

The Jazz have yet to lose a game in the month of March, thanks in part to Donovan Mitchell’s 21.7 ppg throughout the nine game stint.

5.) Golden State Warriors         No Change (53-17, 72.8 SNG points)

The injury carousel hasn’t been very kind to Warriors as of late, with Steph, KD, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala all getting a turn.

6.) Oklahoma City Thunder         No Change (43-29, 69.8 SNG points)
Russell Westbrook. Need I say more? OK, Russell Westbrook and five straight triple-doubles, plus a win over a very formidable Toronto squad. That says it all.

7.)Boston Celtics           (No Change) (47-23, 63.5 SNG points)

Kyrie Irving and company have dropped three of their last four. It’ll get worse before it gets better, though. Their next game is against the Thunder, and they’ll have to win it without Marcus Smart.

8.) New Orleans Pelicans         (No Change) (40-30, 58.5 SNG points)
Up until they beat the Celtics, the Pelicans had given up four of the last five games. They can’t afford any more missteps, however: there’s only a one game difference between a five seed in the playoffs, and watching the postseason from the couch.

9.) Indiana Pacers         (No Change) (40-30, 58.5 SNG points)
Victor Oladipo has been good for 23.4 points per game this season, but the last two contests against the Wizards and the Raptors didn’t see the Pacers fare so well.

10.) Philadelphia 76ers         (No Change) (38-30, 57.9 SNG points)
Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have been a rather dynamic duo, but are barely able to stay ahead of the playoff curve, having only won six of the last ten.

The rest of the pack

11.) Miami Heat 56.4

12.) Cleveland Cavaliers 53.9

13.) Washington Wizards 53.5

14.) Los Angeles Lakers 52.4

15.) Denver Nuggets 52.1

16.) Los Angeles Clippers 51.8

17.) Minnesota Timberwolves 48.1

18.) Milwaukee Bucks 46.8

19.) Sacramento Kings 41.1

20.) Chicago Bulls 37.3

21.) Charlotte Hornets 36.4

22.) Dallas Mavericks 35.7

23.) Detroit Pistons 31.7

24.) San Antonio Spurs 31.7

25.) Brooklyn Nets 30.7

26.) Orlando Magic 30.0

27.) Atlanta Hawks 24.2

28.) New York Knicks 22.8

29.) Phoenix Suns 18.3

30.) Memphis Grizzlies 18.7

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