NBA Finals Preview

Well, it’s that time of year again, the NBA finals are set and ready to go and surprise, surprise: Lebron James and the Cavaliers are set to play Steph Curry and the Warriors for the fourth year in a row.

Please raise your hand if you are tired of this vicious cycle of the same two teams playing every year?

Why even have a regular season? Might as well just let the Warriors and Cavs play 82 games versus each other and whoever comes out with the best record is the NBA Champion.

Regardless, here is a brief preview of this year’s NBA finals.

The Cavaliers are 10-1 underdogs. 10-1! For my non betting readers out there that means that if you were to bet 1 dollar on the Cavs to win the championship, you would win 10 dollars back if the Cavs somehow pull it off. Needless to say the bookies are considering this one of the most lop sided NBA championship of all time, and rightfully so.

The Warriors have two guaranteed future Hall of Famers in Curry and Durant and two very likely HoF candidates in Thompson and Green if they continue to put up numbers for a few more years.  The Cavaliers have Lebron and Kevin Love. That’s it, that’s all they got, their success lies solely with those two players and their performances. Outside of that they have to hope Tristin Thompson gets rebounds and JR Smith and Kyle Korver can hit their threes at a 40% rate to even stand a chance in this series. After just skirting by two teams in a much weaker eastern division playoff bracket everyone is counting out the Cavs.


If ever existed a cruel mistress, sports would reign supreme.  Champions fall and underdogs rise to the occasion all the time. The Warriors have been plagued by injury all year. They had a very hard fought series with the Rockets themselves in the Western Conference Final and at the end of the day the Cavs have the greatest player of this generation. So sure, fans are tired of these two teams meeting in the finals. One can hope that, in the coming years, the NBA makes some changes to how teams are allowed to assemble in order to balance the power. In the meantime we can watch a much harder fought series than people are expecting. After all, who doesn’t like seeing David beat Goliath?

How do you think this series is going to shake down? Let us know in the comments below?