This Year’s NBA Draft Has Some Hidden Talent

NBA Draft

NBA Draft

This year’s NBA Draft is no different than most. The first one or two picks get all the attention, while a smattering of other players get side noted as potential impact players. It’s well known that Ben Simmons from LSU will go first to the 76ers with Brandon Ingram right behind him to the Lakers.

Both players have shown tremendous potential and are most likely going to be immediate impact players to their teams, mostly because the teams they are going to need all the help they can get. Most mock drafts at this point tend to differ greatly.

The other fifty-eight players that will be taken tonight seem more of a random selection than a direct order of potential. I just want toput two guys on the spotlight that I have seen hovering around the late first round and early second round that I think are unbelievable players and who you should be excited about if your team ends up with them.


Deandre Bembry

NBA DraftDeandre is a 21 year old, 6’5″ shooting guard who plays good team ball. All reports state that Deandre is an excellent fit in any locker room, being a great team player, coachable, and friendly. He shot almost 50% from the field last year, although his 3 point shooting and foul shooting could use some attention.

Deandre is a smart and hungry player who has worked hard since high school. He was ranked at 251 in the nation coming out of high school and some larger schools overlooked him. However, he could have fit in anywhere. He played over 35 minutes a game last year and is coming into this draft in great shape.

I expect Deandre to go in the middle of the first round, possibly to Utah or Chicago. Whoever ends up with him should expect a great player right from the start.


Brice Johnson

Brice has the most career double-doubles at North Carolina with 23. That stat, combined with his average of 17 points and 10 rebounds a game, should have put him higher on the draft order. Brice only averaged 28 minutes per game last year, but don’t let that stat fool you. He is 21 and ready for the NBA.

NBA DraftHe stands 6’9″ and his wingspan is just as long making him a perfect square as a defender. Brice is lean for an NBA power forward and isn’t too adept at the 3 point shot, but his footwork and athleticism make up for it. His appearance in the National Championship last year gives him the added feature of already being on a big stage.

I see Brice coming in right away and creating some offense as well as playing solid defense averaging a steal and a block per game. I see Brice in a Boston Celtics’ uniform next season.

No matter where these two guys end up, I know I’ll be watching them next season. Predictions are difficult and mock drafts seem impossible, but every year I like to take a player or two that’s just under the radar and watch them grow. Out of all the guys this year, I really think that these two will be great NBA players for a long time to come.

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