Should the One-And-Done Rule Vanish?

In 2006, the NBA decided to change the NBA draft eligibility requirements. Instead of being able to enter the draft at 18, players had to be at least 19 years old and play at least one year of college basketball. Since then, College Basketball has been suffering.

NBA Draft Eligibility

LeBron James entered the NBA out of high school in 2003.

The one-and-done rule the NBA came up with still puzzles me. This rule means you have to be one year removed from high school, in order to enter the draft. There has to better rule in place than this. Some kids get bad advice from agents/scouts and decide to enter the NBA, but then are a disaster and waste away on the bench. If you let kids go directly to the NBA from high school, it’s a high risk-high reward situation.

Before the new NBA draft eligibility rule came about, too many kids joined the NBA out of high school, bombed and sat on the bench for the rest of their careers. Who wants to see that? I don’t. That is why you see players like Ben Simmons, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Andrew Wiggins having to spend one year in college. Those kids learn a little, but not enough if you ask me. College coaches can’t work miracles and are giving these kids a chance to improve themselves, but it all depends on the kids wanting to learn.

With the NBA draft eligibility requirements, NBA teams are finding themselves changing up their strategies. You are seeing more teams go with two to three superstars to win now-a-days. Times have changed and the NBA is going to change with it. You will probably see teams start to play with four superstars on it, like Lebron James has been hinting at. If you can get these guys to put money and egos aside, is that really a bad thing?

Do the NBA Draft Eligibility Requirements Benefit Anyone?

The true winner in this whole situation is the NBA, who benefits from it in the slightest way. You can’t stop NBA GM’s from making poor draft choices, just like you can’t stop players from making a poor decision to enter the draft. It just seems like the whole rule issued in 2006 has backfired.

The NBA needs to figure out a new solution and I trust Adam Silver to make the right one. The new NBA Draft eligibility requirements have ruined college basketball for the following reasons: less team chemistry, less development and players only being there because the have to be. That’s where a solution with the NBA Developmental League could come in, but shouldn’t the NCAA be considered the Developmental league?