Los Angeles Lakers Hit Rock Bottom, Record Falls to 16-62

Kobe Bryant. The synonymous face of The Los Angeles Lakers took the court on Wednesday for what will be his second to final game at The Staples Center. The crowd erupted as the future Hall-of-Famer took the stage against the Clippers and chants of his name echoed among the rafters when he came out in the last minute. Fans just wish it wasn’t an end to another season that saw the Los Angeles Lakers hit rock bottom.

Los Angeles Lakers Hit Rock BottomBryant managed 17 points and a highlight-worthy steal that led to and alley-oop on the opposite end of the court. For Kobe, the night would be bittersweet. But for the rest of the Lakers, including coach Byron Scott, it is the grim reality than the Los Angeles Lakers continue to sink into the NBA abyss.

Despite Kobe’s shaking hands and snapping pictures as he prepares for his name to be written into the history books, the Lakers are making history of their own. Following the 91-81 loss to the Clippers, they have cemented the 2015-16 Season as the “Worst of All-Time.” Falling to 16-62 on the year, they will inevitably finish with the worst record in Lakers’ history, which is why we say that the Los Angeles Lakers hit rock bottom once again.

While it’s sad to see Kobe go out on such a low note, the players, coaches, staff, and fans still wonder: Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

The End to Another Disappointing Season

Can it get any worse? Will the Los Angeles Lakers hit rock bottom again next year? That question has already been answered – twice. After the 2013-14 season, the Lakers finished with a 27-55 record, which was the worst record to that point. However, the Lakers are a team to be outdone only by themselves and finished with a record of 21-61 last season, setting the bar even lower. With only 4 games left, even if they get lucky and win out the rest, the most this 2015-16 team can hope for is a 20-62 record (although a more realistic expectation is either a 17-65 or 18-64 record). A record like that is not only the worst in franchise history, but it also came in the third consecutive season. The question is who’s to blame?

With a team consisting of many young players comes growing pains. Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance, Jr., Julius Randle, and D’Angelo Russell make up one of the youngest NBA rosters. A team of so many players fresh out of college has to learn to come together as a team. With that, they need a coach who can help them accomplish that. The Lakers need to decide if Byron Scott is the right guy to do that.

Los Angeles Lakers Hit Rock Bottom

What Does the Future Hold for Byron Scott?

Byron Scott’s contract is set to run through the 2017-18 season. Unfortunately, the final year is not guaranteed. He will be owed about $4 million for the 2016-17 season. In terms of the coach who has orchestrated 2 of the 3 year fiascos, the Lakers’ front office has a decision to make.

“I’m very critical of myself.” Scott said Wednesday regarding the Los Angeles Lakers hit rock bottom again. “I think I could have done better. I still think I can do better. The thing I look at is I’ve got a bunch of young guys that I still have to treat with kid gloves as well. That’s the new me. That’s not the old me.”

Regardless who is to blame, it has been a rough 3 years for Lakers that they’d like to bounce back from and next year they’ll have to try again. This time without Kobe Bryant.