Lonzo Ball has a lot of work to do and he’s going to have to show up in the next game. It would be a tragedy if he didn’t amount to what everyone thinks he can amount to.

Or even better, if he fails to live up to what his Dad’s is telling the world; what a once and lifetime basketball player he will become.

Right now, Zo’ has been exposed, not entirely, but like he said in his post-game interview Friday night “I can only go up from here.” That is very true, because right now he’s the young hype of the Laker’s and NBA, and both will make a lot of money off his presence alone.

For his sake, I hope he does not succumb to the same hype that Johnny Manziel was subject to, because if he does it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a distant memory.

Lonzo’s Debut

Lonzo Ball made his official NBA debut this past weekend in Las Vegas and, had a rather sub par performance (despite getting a triple-double in his second game); in addition to somehow still outshining Jayson Tatum from all the hype, even though Tatum destroyed him on the stat sheets.

Now this is only summer league, where players are supposed to grow and develop, however according to the experts, Lonzo should have been killin’ during these summer league games and destroying the competition.  However, he finds himself having to legitimately fight for a starting role.

Well, maybe that’s a little far-fetched as the Laker’s currently don’t have superstars so his spot is pretty much golden.

Lonzo shot the ball absolutely terrible on his first night. He 2-15 overall and 1-11 from the three-point line. Zo’ as they call him, made some great passes and he showed his team management skill off a little bit, but for all the great passes he made he also got thrashed a few times on the defensive of end.

To make matters even worse Ball did not play in the Sacramento game on Monday night due to a supposed groin injury, which according to sources he had last week.

If this is true, then why and the world was he even on the court over the weekend to begin with? Especially since the Laker’s organization declared they would keep him out of Monday’s game as a precautionary measure.

It’s obvious they see what we see, the they are taking the precautionary measure of not allowing the organization to be further embarrassed and are going back to the drawing board to make sure Zo’s skills are polished.