So, we all know LeBron has this thing called a “player’s option” meaning he does not have be loyal to Cleveland and can become an unrestricted free agent.  LeBron has another major decision to make and outside the NBA draft, this will shape the direction of the league, not just through individual players but teams, what other players may get paid, and how organizations build and strategize how to beat him.

To make things easy, he could stay in Cleveland, and make his 3rd promise to the “Land” that he will be a Cav forever. While that plan sounds ethically and morally responsible, the salary cap issue may make that decision tougher for LeBron getting help.

LeBron said he’s never been on a “Super Team” however, most of us feel differently. His “Super Team” this year couldn’t beat the Ultimate Warriors. But if King James could build the squad back up, and create a “Super Team” he says he’ll stay in Cleveland.

While Cleveland fans stir in a fantastic panic over the next couple of weeks, the rest us will still wonder in the back of our heads, where will LeBron go if he doesn’t stay in Cleveland?

LeBron came back to Cleveland and kept his word.

LeBron came back to Cleveland and kept his word.

Let’s think for a minute, how does Chicago sound? It’s not as outlandish as you may think. Dwayne Wade is still there, along with Jimmy Butler, and if anything, LeBron wouldn’t mind one last hoorah with his best friend.

LeBron may not want the backlash that comes with going to Chicago. He already deflects the “Jordan versus LeBron” conversations and if he goes to Chi-Town he’ll never hear the end of it from people on how he had to go to Chicago to be better than Jordan.

Other good teams in the East are already established in their ways, and LeBron needs a team he can build or add somebody without having to do too much reconstructive repairs or surgeries that offer him some type of benefit.

So, what if LeBron went to the West? He could become a part of the Laker’s great franchise and legacy, build up a great historical organization and go out on top.

LeBron could join Pop and the Spurs, but he would have to take an extreme pay cut, and quite frankly I’m not sure if that’s in LeBron’s future.

One of my buddies suggested that he could join up with Russell Westbrook in OKC to bring pain and suffering to the league but that would just be all types of petty on LeBron’s part.

Realistically, the only real reason LeBron would join a western conference team would be take out the Warriors or have an influence on them before they reach the NBA finals. If he went to the Western Conference, it would be super weird.  In honesty, if LeBron did that, people may start calling him trader or soft like Kevin Durant for not facing his battle face to face, which is kind of unfair to him if he’s making a smart business decision to get him his next ring.

At this point he knows what he’s going to do, and probably has since he lost game 5 of the NBA finals. We can only speculate what he’s going to do.

We can only sit back and wait for the breaking news alert on our phone for the news we’ve all been waiting on.