If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t like my odds in the current NBA playoffs. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have done nothing but thrash their opponents this year in the playoffs. Up until last night, it appeared both teams were unstoppable until Boston beat Cleveland in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals and ultimately ending Cleveland’s playoff winning streak.

LeBron had a lackluster game to say the least (for what we consider LeBron Standards),  in which he the fewest points scored in a playoff game for duration of his career. Quite frankly, looked a little burnt out. LeBron never found his rhythm, and admittedly said that his performance was unacceptable and the team lost because of him.

We as fans, supporters, and advocates of LeBron’s success expect so much of him on a nightly basis. Based on his superhuman nature, he should be scoring at between 30-40 points a game, however even the best of best have an off night. We all know that fatigue is real for LeBron, especially thinking back to the cramps of 2014, and is possible that it’s possible that all these minutes LeBron has been playing are finally catching up to him.

Game 3 proved that LeBron is still human and that he still can surprise us, even when we don’t want him to. LeBron’s leadership comes with a certain aura and attitude. When LeBron is hype, full of life, and having fun on the court , his supporting cast shows up to compete and generally the results are good. When LeBron comes out sluggish, fatigued, and generally not feeling it, the team kind of just sits there and waits for LeBron to turn on his engine and may never really get started.

LeBron’s leadership is also very unselfish in nature in the sense that he knows he doesn’t have to or want to be the sole contributor in order to win a game. So, what happens to our superhuman basketball hero?

Nothing really, just the fact that he’s not as immortal as some believe him to be; and that’s OK. A lot of people panic if LeBron isn’t saving the world with his basketball greatness, but it’s going to be just fine people; because LeBron will return have and 50-point game or something in Game 4.

And when that happens we will be talking about how great he is again.