Los Angeles Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram Continues to Receive Criticism Over Skinny Frame

Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram and His Skinny Frame

Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram and His Skinny Frame

Before the NBA Draft, it was clear who the top-two picks would be: Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram.

Each player had pros and cons to their game, which would ultimately be the deciding factor between the two. Would that turn out to be the right way of thinking, though?

Simmons, out of LSU, can easily redefine his position with the unusual skills he brings above his opponents. However, if he proved anything last season with LSU, it’s his inconsistency and poor shooting. On the other hand, Ingram has the height and shot of Kevin Durant and can easily mold himself into the same type of player as KD. However, his skinny frame has received a lot of criticism and doubt as to whether he can perform at a high level.

If you ask the Lakers, or Ingram himself, they aren’t too worried about the criticism. To them, Ingram can play, he’s got game and that’s all that matters — his talent is going to show when he steps foot on the court. Luke Walton has already shot down any criticism:

“He’s young. He’ll grow into it,” said Walton.

Ingram has also done his best to shoot down all criticism, making some strong statements:

“I think it just gives me motivation to show these guys that the skinny part doesn’t matter. It got me here today. Being skinny didn’t mean nothing when I was battling with each and every guy, each and every night.”

That’s the right mentality to have as you transition from College Basketball to the NBA, where players he will be pinned up against will be much stronger, more physical and much more talented than the opponents he saw last season.


Ingram Receives Outside Advice

Ingram has even gotten some kind of a warning from a former NBA trainer, Tim Grover, about solving his weight issue. He urged the rookie to not pack on the weight all at once and instead let it slowly happen. He stated:

“That’s how they’re going to fail in the NBA. [Weight gain should be] a slow process. These are basketball players. These aren’t body builders. They move. They perform. They have to perform out there. So they know how their body feels. You can’t just pack all this amount of weight on there and expect them to still be able to have the shooting touch and move the same way.”

Grover has a good point and it follows suit with how the Lakers and Brandon Ingram are tackling this “issue” of him lacking weight. He’s still a very young player at just 18 years old and the Lakers should be more concerned about getting his game ready for the regular season. He’s already had some valuable time this off-season with other NBA players, being featured in the Summer League and also practicing with Team USA.

Don’t worry about Brandon Ingram’s weight for now. Let his game speak for himself and if he has difficulty doing that, then we can start to wonder if he is still too skinny. For now, though, let him prove himself.

(Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram and His Skinny Frame)(Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram and His Skinny Frame)