Kyrie Irving no longer wants to play in Cleveland. Trade talks have brought up his name in several different cities, some in the Western Conference.

If Kyrie takes off and heads to San Antonio or Minnesota for example, the East Coast will be a desolate NBA landscape. LeBron and his Cavs will most likely have enough fire power to get back to the finals, but it might actually put Boston or Washington in a better spot to take it.

Unfortunately it will not be for the right reasons. Most of the leagues most dynamic stars have migrated west. The East at the very least had TWO of the best, and most fun to watch, point guards in the league in Kyrie and John Wall, but if Kyrie heads out of Cleveland for a one way ticket to Texas or Arizona, the east coast could be stuck with a lot of games that are, well, boring.

Hello Milwaukee

The Bucks, man. They could really be the team in the East to watch this next season. They might not have the fire power to blast past the Cavs or Boston, but they have a young core and of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is literally only twenty-two years old and is an absolute joy on the court.

Boston, Cleveland, Washington, and Toronto will probably be at the top of the heap but last year’s .500 Bucks should probably post a better record and will be a little more feared come playoff time.


If You’re a Kyrie Fan

If you’re a Kyrie Fan you probably don’t care where he goes unless you live on the East coast. It’s hard to watch West coast games sometimes depending on your work/school schedule. The rumor is he wants to play in San Antonio. If you live in New Jersey that means you might be staying up until one a lot. I hope you don’t have to commute to the New York City everyday. You WILL be sleeping on the train.