Kevin Durant Will Become a Free Agent at Season’s End

While many fans of the NBA will say no, I whole-heartedly embrace this notion. Why? Well for starters, Kevin Durant isn’t doing the NBA any good playing in Oklahoma City. Sure, they are a playoff team with him and their stadium is always sold out, but how does that equate financially to the collective bargaining  agreement?

Currently, the Thunder are the 12th most valuable franchise at $475 million, while the Lakers are second at $4.7 billion! Think about this: You have a Los Angeles Laker team that hasn’t sniffed a playoff berth in 3 years, trying to use declining Hall of Famer, Kobe Bryant, as their main draw. Maybe a little bit of KD won’t do any harm.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has a big decision to make this off-season, much like LeBron James did when he left Cleveland.

The NBA is the most prosperous when their marquee franchisees are playing in May and June. This will, in turn, allow for greater revenue sharing with the smaller markets. Let’s face it, L.A. is a glorious destination! It not only has beautiful weather, but also some of the most beautiful people in the world. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention Hollywood.

The Los Angeles Lakers always land a big time free agent that allows them to stay relevant. Kevin Durant going to the Lakers will allow the Lakers to transition from the Kobe-era to the KD-era, spike viewership profoundly and increase merchandising.  The Lakers’ fabase will once again be at the pinnacle of the NBA hierarchy. The Lakers will become a “must-see” on television, once again.

People will tune in just to see the Lakers lose. I was guilty of this during the Shaq and Kobe era. KD35 signing with the Lakers is the most logical and  riveting decision since the signing of Wilt, Kareem and Shaq .