Isaiah Thomas Not Suspended After Hitting Schroder; Schroder Unhappy

Isaiah Thomas Not Suspended After Hitting Schroder

Isaiah Thomas Not Suspended After Hitting Schroder

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas not suspended after hitting Schroder, Atlanta Hawks’ guard, across the head in Friday night’s Game 3.

Video replays appear to show Thomas swinging his left hand with a closed fist into the right side of Schroder’s face in the first quarter. Thomas and Schroder were both hit with technical fouls after jawing at eachother.

According to the NBA’s rulebook, a punch results in an immediate ejection, as would an attempted punch that doesn’t make contact. However, after all the speculation, Thomas did not face suspension and the league instead assessed a flagrant 1 foul.

Isaiah Thomas scored 42 points in Game 3 to lead the Celtics to a 111-103 victory against the Hawks.

After the game, Schroder had posted a photo of the blow to his twitter account adding his thoughts, “They calling a flagrant foul on me! Where I try to protect myself !!! But [Isaiah] Thomas can hit me in the face.”

Was it the Right Call?

On Friday, Former NBA executive, Stu Jackson, told NBA TV that he believed Isaiah Thomas would be suspended for at least one game. “Its clearly not a basketball play,” Jackson said. “There’s no reason for Isaiah Thomas to extend his arm, swing it and make contact with Schroder’s head in that situation. In my mind, [Thomas] will get suspended for one game.”

On Saturday, Dennis also stated that he believed that Isaiah Thomas should have been suspended. “I still feel Isaiah Thomas Not Suspended After Hitting Schroderdisrespected [about] what he did,” he said. “I [had] just scored a basket and tried to go back on defense and he smacked me. It had nothing to do with basketball.”

“We talked with the referees before the playoffs, and what they told us is what he did to me yesterday is a suspension. I can’t control it. It is on the league memo and Coach told us that we can’t do this, we can’t do that, it is going to be a suspension,” Schroder continued.

Sources said that Thomas claimed he “didn’t mean to hit him in the head”.

The Celtics are expected to be without Avery Bradley, who suffered a strained right hamstring, for the rest of the series, but the possibility of a suspension for Isaiah Thomas looks slim as it was decided that he would play in Sunday’s game.

UPDATE: Isaiah Thomas played in Game 4, despite what many expected and the team tied the Hawks in the 4th quarter, the Celtics winning overtime at 104-95.