Golden State Warriors Keep on Trucking

Many NBA fans, and sports fans in general, believe the Golden State Warriors may just be the best team ever assembled. Sitting at 68-7 with the NBA’s best record by a mile, its hard to make an argument to the contrary.  As only 7 games remain on the regular season schedule, there seem to be few obstacles ahead of them that will prevent them from breaking the Chicago Bulls record of 72 regular season wins.  In fact, the possibility seems pretty realistic.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are five wins away from holding the best record the NBA has ever seen.

The defending NBA champions are on a tear this season led by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and company.  Each game they play seems to perpetuate the notion that this team is one of, if not the greatest NBA team ever assembled.  The synergy they exemplify each night is harmonic and almost appears to be a rehearsed production.

Stephen Curry has risen to elite status in the NBA quicker than anyone in recent memory – especially from his days as simply a former players son at Davidson. Selected as the seventh overall pick in 2009, Curry has become perhaps the best pure shooter in NBA history, albeit in a relatively short period of time.

His perfected mechanics and incredible muscle memory when firing on all cylinders, is infrequently refuted. With shooting range beyond the walls of any arena attempting to contain him, he is the show within the show. He has total control of the game.  He forces defenses to adjust solely to him being present on the court. When Curry breaks down those adjustments, and compels teams to “readjust,” they often find themselves scratching their collective heads in total frustration.  Many people even say that Curry is still getting better.  That, in and of itself, is a scary concept to grasp.

Will the Golden State Warriors Get to 73 Wins?

With a supporting cast nothing short of stellar themselves, they have propelled the Warriors to a level beyond that of any competition they face. If teams are forced to become more physical with Curry, as a way to deter his onslaught, he simply drives the lane or dishes the ball to his teammates, many of whom would be the best player on any other team they played on.

Klay Thompson, son of former great Michael Thompson and the other half of the “Splash Brothers” as he and Curry are often referred, also has the ability to drive the dagger into any team bold enough to try and stop them.  Throw in a 230 lb., 6’7″ beast of a forward in Draymond Green into the mix, and right away you have a threesome right there that few can stop, as evidenced by their pure domination each and every night. Fill in the gaps with seasoned veterans and superior athletic talent, and you have a team that has become light years ahead of the competition.

As this regular season comes to an end in just a few weeks from now, it will be a very tall task for any team to stop the locomotive they call the Golden State Warriors.  The likelihood of the Warriors repeating as World Champions seems to be already written, assuming no team can come up with a plan to derail them. Any odds maker you choose to look at has them atop their lists to win it all, many of those lists having them there since the start of the season.

The Golden State Warriors are surely poised to be a handful for opposing teams and a perennial contender for years to come.  Are they the best team ever assembled?  It might be slightly premature to say that definitively, but they way things are looking, that consideration should be a layup.