Derrick Rose Joins New York Knicks in Trade With Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose Joins New York Knicks

Derrick Rose Joins New York Knicks

The announcement became official that Derrick Rose will join the New York Knicks in what is being called a blockbuster trade. The Knicks will most likely add Rose to their starting lineup alongside Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. This adds some flare to a mostly depleted Knicks team who tried to rummage up some excitement last season by adding Robin Lopez and Arron Afflalo.

Lopez is now gone with the Rose deal and Afflalo did not re-sign. Along with Lopez went Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon. Last year’s Knicks’ team was hardly anything to be excited about, finishing the season out of contention for a playoff berth.

Many sources cited this years draft as not being very deep. One can only guess the reasons why team president Phil Jackson decided to miss the NBA Combine this year, but many believe it is because the Knicks do not have a pick in this years draft.

Most General Managers and Presidents utilize the combine to catch up with each other and talk a little behind closed doors. An educated guess would say that Phil didn’t have to go Chicago to make a deal with his old team.


The addition of Rose is a slightly befuddling one. Rose has proven that he is a capable player when he can play. But the Rose that we saw take home the MVP trophy in 2011 is not the same rose that we’ve seen since. His ability on the court has been darkly overshadowed by his inability to handle public relations and of course, his inability to be on the court.

This is the final year of Rose’s contract and many expect a contract-renewal type season. However, it may not be possible if he sprains his wrist inking the deal with the Knicks. Fans are ready to watch the wins pile up and not the hospital bills.

Derrick Rose Joins New York KnicksNo one should sell Rose short. He is a very capable point guard with good vision and ball handling skills. He has always been a decent two way player and stayed in front of his man. Rose has not shown great ball sharing, especially for a point guard, he is a scoring guard and there is no doubt that he can certainly do that.

Rose’s MVP year, he scored 25 points per game and was the true leader of that Bulls team. But he paled in comparison to Chris Paul and Rajon Rando in assists. Carmelo isn’t too likely to rack up the assists either and that leaves two ball stoppers on the floor at the same time trying to run a triangle offense that doesn’t account for too many ball stoppers.

No one is sure which Derrick Rose will show up to Madison Square Garden for the 2016-2017 NBA season. We hope it’s the leader of that awesome 2011 Bulls team. We hope its a healthy one, one ready for the challenge of a hungry New York fan base and rabid media center.

We hope it’s one that fits into the New York minute and not glitter and glitz, a neon sign attempting to sell a passing fad, a passing billboard to entice fans into buying a few more tickets, a trending zeitgeist that is here today, and then simply injured and forgotten tomorrow.

(Derrick Rose Joins New York Knicks)