D’Angelo Russell Apologizes, Hopes to Restore Trust With Teammates

Los Angeles Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell apologizes to teammate Nick Young for leaking a video of Young admitting to cheating on fiancee, Iggy Azalea.

Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding reports that Russell recorded the video on Snapchat “about 3 months ago” believing “he could privately post video of Young without his knowledge, talking about women, and take it down without those few people he shared it with recording it–or anyone ever publicizing it.” However, the video ended up on Famelous.

D'Angelo Russell Apologizes

After an apology from Russell, the Lakers defeat the Heat in overtime with a score of 102-100.

Russell filmed the confession during a discussion about a woman Young met in a club. Meanwhile, Young was watching television in the hotel room.

During his interview with Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, he expressed his sincere apology. “I am sick.” Russell said. “I am sorry about recording the video. I can’t repeat myself enough on that: I am sorry I recorded that video. I feel horrible. I wish this never happened.”

While D’Angelo Russell apologizes, he claimed he had no idea how the video was made public, since it was initially uploaded to Snapchat, which informs user’s if their video’s are saved by viewers.

He admitted that he and Young videotaped eachother often:

“The thing is, we record ourselves doing dumb stuff all the time. On the road or home, wherever. We go back and laugh at ourselves. I guess I just never thought that pranks we pull on ourselves could have bigger consequences. That was a big lesson I learned,” stated Russell.

When asked for a statement regarding the video, Nick kept it brief. “I think it’s best me and D’Angelo handle our situation in a private manner,” he said. “It’s something we need to talk about.”

It is unclear if the leaked video may have raised tension between Young and his fiancee. However, teammates of the Lakers have been isolating D’Angelo Russell.

An inside source stated that “at a recent breakfast meeting, no Laker would sit next to Russell at the table.”

Although Russell was selected as the second pick in the 2015 draft, and his plays have helped him break through the rookie wall, there are some concerns regarding not only his trust amongst his teammates, but also his maturity.

Head coach Byron Scott teased Russell all season for his childish antics. “You’re 19, but sometimes I think you’re 14,” according to Bresnahan.

Apart from Russell stating that he had learned a valuable lesson from all of this, he also stated he would do whatever it takes to win back the trust of his team:

“Listen man, I know that it will take some time to regain their trust and confidence,” Russell told Wojnarowski. “I hope they know I would never intentionally hurt someone–and know how horrible I feel.”