Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder; Dallas Wins 85-84

It was an exciting game that came down to the final buzzer. Let’s take a look at our Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 2 recap.

Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City ThunderAt times, it seemed like the Oklahoma City Thunder were going to easily walk away with a victory. Although shaky at first, they started to gather their rhythm in the second half. After being outscored in the first half, we started seeing the confident play they showed in their Game 1, 108-70 victory.

After bringing the deficit down to 1, losing 69-68, the Thunder quickly went on an 8-0 run to take a 76-69 lead. The two teams started trading shots back and forth, eventually leading to an 83-81 Dallas lead with 28.7 seconds remaining. Still trying to find his shot, Durant missed two shots at the other end. The missed opportunities led to a transition layup by Wesley Matthews, giving the Mavericks an 85-83 lead. Only 14.4 seconds were left on the clock.

Throwing up a shot of desperation, Kevin Durant finally got a three-pointer to fall, trimming the deficit back to 1 with 9.5 seconds remaining. The final moments of the game are nothing but nail-biting. After Raymond Felton, who had a superb outing, missed two free throws with 7.1 seconds left, the Thunder immediately went on the offensive.

Durant was given the first shot, which was blocked by Justin Anderson. Russell Westbrook got the rebound and put up another shot to win the game, but also missed. With one last chance, Steven Adams got the board under the basket. Although he made the bucket, it was reviewed by the officials to see if he got his hand off before the buzzer rang. After review, they concluded it was a no-basket.

Dallas hung on with the 85-84 victory.

With the series now tied 1-1, the Dallas Mavericks are in a good position headed home for Game 3. Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder

After the game, Carlisle showed his respect for Deron Williams suiting up, who was listed as doubtful on Sunday with an abdominal strain.

“This wouldn’t be possible if Deron Williams hadn’t given it a shot,” said head coach Rick Carlisle. “He got us off to a good solid start — actually better than a solid start, he got us off to a very good start,” he continued. Deron Williams played 26 minutes and scored 13 points. As Carlisle stated, he got off to a hot start, scoring 11 of his points in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Raymond Felton led the Mavericks with 21 points and 11 rebounds, while Dirk Nowitzki chipped in with 17 points. Although they rose victorious, Felton still expressed his disgust for his missed free throws, which took pressure off the Thunder for the final seconds of the game. “I’m still sick. Even though we got the win, I’m still sick. I don’t miss free throws like that, when they come down the clutch. When we get in the gym, I’ll take 500 free throws if I need to before the next game,” said Felton.

For the Thunder, Kevin Durant led the way with 21 points. However, he displayed the worst shooting in his playoff career when he shot 7 for 33. “It was a bad night shooting for me,” said Kevin Durant. “It’s part of it. I wish it didn’t happen tonight, but it’s a part of it. I got some great looks all night and I just didn’t knock them down. It was just one of those nights.”

Russell Westbrook added 19 points and 14 rebounds, while Serge Ibaka chipped in with 12 points.

Game 3 will be held in Dallas on Thursday, April 21st.

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