Dallas Mavericks PG Deron Williams Most Likely Opting Out of Contract for Multi-Year Deal

Dallas Mavericks PG Deron Williams has decided to turn down the second season of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent.

Williams is planning on seeking a multi-year deal for the final contract of his career, resulting in him opting out of earning $5.6 million with the Mavericks next season.

Deron Williams agreed to buy out of the final two seasons of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets worth $27 million last July. Since then, he has signed with the Mavericks and is averaging 14.1 points, 5.8 rebounds and 2.9 rebounds per game this season. Williams admitted that he was miserable when he played for the Nets and that he enjoyed basketball for the first time in years when he played this season for the Mavs.

Dallas Mavericks PG Deron WilliamsThe Dallas native missed most of the Mavs’ playoff series loss to the Thunder due to a sports hernia. Williams will have to undergo off-season surgery in order to be physically healthy before entering training camp. His recovery is expected to take six weeks following the operation.

As much fun as it must have been for him, it clearly wasn’t enough to keep him around. However, he does state that returning could be a possibility.

“I would love to be back,” Williams shared during his exit interviews this week. “This was a great year for me. My family is settled and happy here, so it’d definitely be great to be back.”

What are the Mavs’ Options?

Deron Williams will be amongst the top point guards in the free agency this summer, including Jeremy Lin, Rajon Rondo, Jordan Clarkson, who is a restricted free agent, and Mike Conley, who is the premier at the position.

There is a chance that the Mavericks could retain Williams with a contract in the $8 million range, however, since his surgery is not severe enough to impact his chances of earning more elsewhere in the market, the Mavs will have to consider giving him a raise.

With a sparse point guard market, the question is whether the Mavericks can do better than Williams.

Jordan Clarkson is restricted, Mike Conley seems set on returning to Memphis and Rajon Rondo is said to be unlikely to join the Mavs. Jeremy Lin was a target last year and it was widely assumed that he would’ve been acquired as a starting point guard before Deandre Jordan opted out of his verbal contract.

Jeff Teague might be available through trade. However, Atlanta may not be as interested in dumping him for nothing, even with Dennis Schroder waiting in the wings.

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