Cleveland Cavaliers Prove Doubters Wrong; Defeat the Golden State Warriors 93-89

Cleveland Cavaliers Prove Doubters Wrong

Cleveland Cavaliers Prove Doubters Wrong

Last night proved that if you live by the three point shot, you can die by it just as easy. The Warriors were spot on from the 3-point line last night. Draymond Green barely missed any of his shots — including threes. However, it just wasn’t enough.

The Golden State Warriors have cemented their spot in this league as the most dangerous threat from beyond the arc. For the past two seasons, it has brought them a great deal of success, but it fell short on Sunday night. They fell in a hard fought game that seemed more like a seminar in MVP voting run by Professor James. LeBron collected his 3rd MVP Finals trophy and fulfilled his promise to Cleveland and brought that city a long-awaited championship. He deserved the MVP and played like one throughout the entirety of the post season. His greatness helped bring his team to a Game 7 and ultimately led to the tears as the final buzzer ended and he fell to the floor in joy.

The game could not have been any more evenly matched, with the turning point coming in the 4th quarter with a 3 pointer that stuck the proverbial fork in the Warriors’ dreams of the greatest NBA season and back to back championships. It was apropos that it was James with that 3 pointer.

James drew a foul on Festus Ezeli with a pump fake from a few feet behind the three point line. He noticed the mismatch on Ezeli, took advantage and came down with a smart 3 point play. It might not have been as flashy as the Splash Brothers’ plays, but it was definitely just as effective.


I felt the air come out from under the Warriors sails. The crowd quieted down during those foul shots, while LeBron and the Cavaliers had a chance to refocus and reverse the run the Warriors were quickly and quietly making.

Cleveland Cavaliers Prove Doubters WrongThe next Warriors’ possession resulted in the league MVP throwing the ball away. James seized the opportunity and buried a three point shot. Suddenly, the Cavs had the wind behind them, to live and die by the three, living by it while the Warriors gulped for air. The next few possessions on both ends were defensive. But it never felt that the Warriors were in control after that. Instead, it felt like James and the Cavs had the reigns.

And they did, as they were the one hoisting The Larry O’Brien Trophy high over their heads.

This game had great significance on the game of basketball. The Warriors way has been seen as both the future of the league as well as its demise. Last night showed us that the “old school” way is still impressive and that the “new school” way really isn’t that better or worse.

We have capped off one of the best NBA seasons in a long time. I’m already excited for next year.

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