Chris Paul Breaks Right Hand; Paul and Griffin Will Miss the Rest of the NBA Playoffs

Chris Paul Breaks Right Hand

Chris Paul Breaks Right Hand

Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul breaks right hand, leaving Monday night’s game 4 with what was diagnosed as a fractured third metacarpal, or in other words, a broken hand.

Paul suffered the injury while defending the Portland Trail Blazers’ Gerald Henderson on a shot that was blocked by Deandre Jordan with 6:28 remaining in the 3rd quarter. Paul was sent to the locker room for evaluation with 6:07 remaining. This would make the second injury to an ALL-NBA point guard, as the Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry sprained his right knee defending Trevor Ariza in Game 4 vs. the Houston Rockets.

Stephen Curry’s injury could have been an open door for Chris Paul and the Clippers, who were up 2-1 on the young Portland Trail Blazers. Curry’s injury could’ve been the key for the Clippers’ advancement to the western conference finals with a shot at the NBA finals, but suddenly that door shut with the update on his condition.

More Bad News for the Clippers

Later in the 3rd quarter, the Clippers received more bad news as Blake Griffin was off the floor due to a re-aggravation of his left thigh injury, and Doc Rivers said there would be a 50-50 chance of him playing in Game 5. Then Paul was diagnosed in the 4th quarter and the Clippers went on to lose 98-84, as the Blazers tied the series at 2-2. What would’ve seemed like an advantage shift from the Clippers to the Blazers, wouldn’t be so, as even without Curry, the Blazers don’t stand a chance against the Warriors.Chris Paul Breaks Right Hand

Paul left the arena with his arm in a sling and a cast on his hand as he headed to the team bus with his dad and brother. Full details on the fracture are unknown and there is no official word on recovery, but reports say that the timetable for his return could range from 10 days to 6 weeks.

Many sports fans feel certain that there’s not much of a chance the Clippers are getting past the Blazers without Paul. A phenomenal shooter and scorer, Paul keeps the Clippers together. He works to make Deandre Jordan into a weapon in the pick and roll, frees up space for Blake Griffin and finds J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford for open shots.

It’s also believed that their chances of going to the conference semifinals are in serious jeopardy, with or without Curry present.

The biggest disappointment in it all, is from the fans, who would have been anxious to sit in the stands and watch Stephen Curry and the Warriors take the court against Chris Paul and the Clippers, two teams with a genuine dislike of one another, as two of the greatest point guards of all time compete for the spotlight that Stephen Curry stole from Chris Paul.

(Chris Paul Breaks Right Hand)