Chris Bosh Retirement Possible; Blood Clots Could Keep Him Off Court for Rest of Career

Chris Bosh Retirement Possible

Chris Bosh Retirement Possible

Miami Heat forward, Chris Bosh, may have played his final game in the NBA. The amount of games he’s missed due to medical complications from a blood clot continue to pile up. He played just 44 games in 2014-15 and only 53 this season, in addition to sitting out of the playoffs.

When Bosh was able to get on the court this season, he was a key contributor on a contending Heat team, averaging 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds. However, a potentially life-threatening health concern is far more important than anything on the basketball court. There have been other professional athletes recently forced to retire due to blood clot conditions such as the NHL’s Cody McCormick of the Buffalo Sabres and Pascal Dupuis of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Speculation now is that Heat team doctors will never clear Bosh to play again. In February of 2015, Bosh was hospitalized when the blood clot traveled to his lungs, forcing the Heat to shut him down for the season. Bosh, being the competitor he is, wants to play. The Heat certainly want the 11-time all star on the court helping their cause, but at this time it appears they deem his health to be too great of a risk. Teammate Dwayne Wade said,

”When you have one of my best friends not able to be out there, and he’s doing an amazing job being a great teammate, but I’m sure it’s killing him not to be out there.”

Chris Bosh Retirement PossibleBosh had hoped to play in the 2016 NBA Playoffs, but team doctors advised against it. Despite the conflicting views, the relationship between Bosh and the team appears civil. He had been traveling to road games on owner Mickey Arison’s plane, in addition to helping with team practices. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra added,

“It’s not like he’s been away from the team. And I think that’s helped. We talk all the time about leadership at all levels. Sometimes it’s a different voice at a different time, and the guys have embraced that.” T

he Heat reached the 2nd round of this year’s playoffs, where they were eliminated in 7 games by the Toronto Raptors. 

Bosh, 32 years-old, currently has 3 years and $75 million remaining on his contract with the Heat. If he is forced into medical retirement, his salary will cease and be applied to the Heat’s cap number one year from when he played his final game, which may turn out to be February 9, 2016.

(Chris Bosh Retirement Possible)