Vegas is still considered as the entertainment capital of this country for major sporting events, and this past weekend did not disappoint once again. While the main focus was the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor, the Big3 Championship game between the 3-Headed Monster and Trilogy.

The Big 3 Championship game was setup for maximum exposure, as it was in the MGM Grand along with the fight. Team Trilogy, lead by MVP Rashad McCants, put on great championship performance as well as a show for the first inaugural tournament and perfect season of 10-0. The entire Trilogy team was made up of former NBA players Rashad McCants, Kenyon Martin, Al Harrington, Dion Glover, and James White, who could not be stopped.

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Trilogy was that team everyone wants to be on a Saturday morning at the park. The Trilogy just couldn’t be stopped and they proved it once again in Vegas.

Ice Cube Breaks Down the BIG3

Now some may say that the Big 3 League is an old man’s version of the new And 1 mixtapes. However, Ice Cube who is the co-creator of the league was interviewed on ESPN’s First Take hours before the championship and he gave his spill on the why.


Ice Cube indicated he is trying to bridge a gap for former NBA players who aren’t quite ready to be done playing basketball, but still have an opportunity to operate in a competitive environment. Ice Cube also is trying to give former NBA players something to figure out why they calculate their next moves.

“There are not enough mics to go around for every former player to become an announcer, coach, or work for their former organization.” – Ice Cube

The Big 3 tournament served also served as a gateway for basketball to become thought of as a year around sport. Granted we still have the MLB season going on, however the MLB season is so long that sports fans want something else to watch during the summers when there is no World Cup and no Olympics.

Incentives, Corporate Sponsors, and Money

Now of course these players aren’t doing this for fun and love of Basketball, they got paid as well too. For the entire season, players got paid $100,000 a piece, and just like the NBA players more than likely got a bonus for the playoff games and championship game. So there was some incentive for players to play.

One of the biggest sponsors was Fox Sports where games were show on the Fox Sports 1 Channel. The Big 3 also worked with Premier Partnerships which is a top consulting firm that focuses on sport and entertainment revenue generation. And then of course ticket sales, for which the Big 3 used Ticketmaster. Those are just a few sponsors, of many they had but based on those names alone, the Big 3 got something stewing in the pot and will have a lot of value.

Big3 and Fantasy Sports Next?

Finally, with anything that makes money or draws a great crowd, expansion will definitely be the next topic on the board. Things people may be wondering right now may include whether or not this league can play more than once a year? How many more teams can be added to the league? Bringing on more sponsorships (Nike, Under Armour, NBA.). Can BIG 3 be implemented into the Fantasy Sports world?

These are all valid questions for something that went to so successful with nothing but potential to be even greater.