After being turned down by Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, LaVar Ball and his Big Baller Brand did not lose a step. Earlier today, Lonzo Ball’s released his first signature shoe, the ZO2 Prime, made by his family company, Big Baller Brand.

In a promo video released exclusively by SLAM magazine, Lonzo talks about growing up with his brothers dreaming of his own signature shoe and how having his own shoe initiates a movement that could potentially change the sneaker industry.

The movement Lonzo talks about in the promo video is the entrepreneurial mindset up and coming athletes need to possess when it comes to endorsements. The athlete is the one who put the hours and immeasurable work in the gym and therefore should be rewarded ten-fold.

He speaks on how the movement can empower the community and those who were there from the beginning with job opportunities and the chance to have what’s rightfully theirs.

“We push the culture forward. Don’t let the culture push us.” -Lonzo Ball

Big Baller Brand

You have to applaud the direction LaVar and the Big Baller Brand is taking basketball and the people that play it in. The best athletes in the world still don’t get “full control” of how their shoe is created, packaged, and sold.

Sure, they have a say so but their dad is not running the show. Being able to have a seat at the table and see your ideas mold and come to life right in front of you is an opportunity every entrepreneur (athlete or not) works diligently towards.

For Athletes Coming Up, This Will Definitely Get Their Attention

With the release of the ZO2, Lonzo becomes the first NBA prospect to have his own shoe before entering the draft. Priced at $495, the ZO2 is expected to be the “top shelf” of athletic brands, topping the once possible partners Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour but landing below the likes of Gucci, Prada, or Louis Vuitton.


If the $495 price tag is too cheap for you, Big Baller Brand also released a limited edition ZO2 WET signature shoe. For $995, you can get a pair of autographed ZO2’s, which come in a key-locked glass box, floor mirror, and LED lights. And when you just finished working out on the court, feel free to slide in to some Lonzo Ball slides, priced at $220.

LaVar Ball and the Big Baller brand are definitely up to something. It is a bold and powerful move and it shows the dedication and belief LaVar has in his son(s).

Despite being told no already, LaVar has remained in talks with potential investors and even alluded to SLAM of some big announcements in the coming weeks.

Lonzo is projected to go within the top 5 of the 2017 NBA draft. We all know about that elite rookie bug that goes around (Just ask Ben Simmons and Jabari Parker). Hopefully Lonzo can steer clear and let his game land him and his family the opportunity to “Push the culture forward.”